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  • 59 weeks
    Still Alive... Kinda

    You know I've been very inactive (have almost 7500 notifications in my feed) and I have no apologies for that. I've been burned out on virtually everything and the latest hiccup with my internet hasn't helped either.

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  • 108 weeks
    Recent Downtime

    So last Wednesday, I was doing a recording for my Let's Cheat channel and my video card decided to die. Got a new one and got it installed, then somehow, my computer's OS hard drive decided that it didn't want to boot into Windows anymore and auto-repair couldn't fix it.

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    Humble Software Bundle: Magix Edition

    So for the next two weeks, you can get almost a grand worth of Magix content for $20. Check it out.

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  • 127 weeks
    Gonna Start Streaming Soon

    I am going to start at 1:00 PM US central time and today I will be playing the original Legend of Zelda on RetroArch. Check me out on Twitch

    I'm going to try to get through the entire first quest in today's stream.

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  • 128 weeks
    Maud's Boyfriend

    How long do you think this will last?

    I give it a week.

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I'm Getting A Job! · 3:21am Mar 11th, 2017

I had a job interview today and I am going to start working at a local fast food place starting Tuesday. So yay me.

I'm a bit nervous and a bit excited. Nervous because this is my first job in a few years, excited because I get to be out of the house for a few hours.

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Comments ( 4 )

My mom said her friend was a manager at a sonic, so she's trying to get me a job there.

Nice. Hopefully it works out for ya.

4451223 Yeah... she said I could get over $10 an hour, but IDK about that.

That'd be great as a starting salary. I didn't ask how much I'd make, but I'm going to guess between $7.25 and $8. I live in a small town and the place isn't a national chain.

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