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Paradox Theory

You cannot just expect happiness, you have to create it. ~A great many people.

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  • 263 weeks
    The Sequel to Turnabout Storm is finally coming!

    So, a little context:

    Some time ago I found a small little YouTube channel that was making their own version of a Turnabout Storm sequel. I was told by many that it would probably die. It almost did.

    After the creator's hard drive crashed, it spent the last couple years in development hell.

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  • 270 weeks
    I wish the notifications stayed around later.

    Every once in awhile I'll get notifications here. However, because of the short amount of time they stay in your box, I don't always get to see what some of them are.

    Take a couple days ago for instance. I got on, and saw six notifications. However, I could only veiw the most recent. Which, was a new follower.

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  • 291 weeks
    I haven't been here since April.

    And there's only really one reason why.

    Inspiration. Or lack thereof.

    I still have inspiration from time to time. But never for a long enough time for story making.

    At this point I may be cancelling whatever stories I haven't finished by the end of January.

    The only story I may still finish one day is the last case in the Malum story, as I'm only half way through it.

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  • 324 weeks
    At the edge of Apocalypse. . .

    She shook as the implications of what was said were finally made clear.

    "But. . .I promised. Remember? Our. . ." Her voice shook as she looked at the calm expression of her friend's face.

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  • 324 weeks
    And the urge to write has returned at long last.

    For those of you who don't know. I just uploaded another chapter to Malum Prohibitum: The Changeling Trials.

    To be honest, I had originally started the chapter a year and a month ago, just after posting the last one in March 2017.

    It feels good to finally have made progress.

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Nine Days. I've had Pokemon Moon for nine days. · 2:27am Feb 21st, 2017

And already am Alolan Champion.

What do?

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Their should be post game like the ultra beast catching and catach necrozma the hardest Pokemon to catch and its only shows one time so I'd say save before fighting the battle royal than theirs the battle tree some stuff you could do

Catch'em all. Or atleast your favorites. It's what I did with X and AS. I love my Blastoise

Ultra Beast hunting and the Battle Tree. Also multiplayer!:rainbowkiss:

Also, what's your Hall of Fame team?

4430532 pvp me now what's your team level

4430546 the elite four was easy all I used was three Pokemon

4430558 I was underleveled, so it was fairly tough for me.

4430573 I did EV trained a bit

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