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It's Valentines Day! · 8:39pm Feb 14th, 2017

I've seen people post about this thing all over the feed. I used to like the holiday when I got free stuff from my classmates, but now that I'm not in grade school anymore, I don't feel much for it. At least I get to snag all of my brother's free stuff! I hope you all who have loved ones are happy and celebrating! Unlike me, who doesn't have valentine. It's okay, I'll just be sitting in my tiny corner like I always do...

Forever alone...

But other than that, happy valentines day!

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4422198 Let's be lonely buddies! :pinkiehappy:

School's the usual for me. Which means that I'm invisible and constantly ignores by everyone, people literally walk over and shove me because they don't notice me, my own friends forget me, and almost the whole grade doesn't know my name no matter how many times I've said it. But I don't really care, I've given up on social acceptance, anyways.

Happy singles awareness day

Happy SAD (Single Awareness Day)!!!

We're all loners here, let's be alone together...
If you know what I mean...




Another Part of My Mind: Sorry.


Sorry everyone, my emotional side gets excited during holidays.

I don't have one either. But don't be sad, the forever alone also has a good time in this day.:scootangel:

Hell yeah! Steal your bro's shit! Just watch out for those pieces of chalk that usually say 'hug me' or something. It's not safe to eat chalk.

4422349 Thanks!
4422984 True.
4423052 I've never see anything like that, but I've snagged some really cool markers!
4423315 I mostly listen to classical and pop music, but I don't really like and listen to country or rap. The rap music that the kids at my school listen to sounds like crap (hey, that rhymed!).

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