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What it Means - Blogspot · 10:52am Feb 11th, 2017

"Mmm... Not sure what I'm supposed to tell you my friends. I'm just a guy, someone who lived life on earth, doing everyday things, playing games, watching movies, dropping massive deuces, ya know? I wasn't exactly all that interesting to be perfectly honest with you. I lived in Arizona and I worked online entertaining people through this thing called Youtube. I collected guns, comics, I was a nerd in some sense.

"But for some I ended up here in this world, your world. This strange place filled with magic, adventure and unforgettable memories, plenty of which that I could share with you, if you cared to sit back, kick your feet up and grab a cold one. Because I have a lot of shit to tell. I'm not like most adventurers, and I'm not like most people you've met either, so I've been told by many of my companions over the past year or so.

"You see... back on my world, things like this happened in stories. A human much like me ends up on your world, and they sometimes end up near Applejack's farm and work there, or they pop up in the Everfree Forest. And its gotten pretty old after so long. But myself? I'm not like those people... I didn't get to end up close to my favorite town or city, I wasn't picked up by best pony or any of that nonsense and go on this... wish fulfillment fantasy.

"No... not by a long shot. Instead I ended up in a land far far away, and purposefully went on an adventure and avoided Equestria entirely."

"But why though? I've read your journals... what you've been through, why avoid such a safe place?"

"I guess... the only reason I could give you is that I'm an idiot." Was all I could tell her. "I mean, I'm not exactly known for safe and smart decisions. I'm a human Twilight, and like some humans... I go about things entirely differently, go above and beyond the call of duty to help out people and make things right, even though I could just avoid it all completely."

"Y-you really did all these things?"

"Yep... the reason I wrote those journals, was so I could show you What it Means to be truly human."

"What it Means is... certainly a tale Dee, though I can't help but wonder... why risk your life just for adventure?"

"Better question to ask is, why not? Life is too short to just stay in one place. A lot of people, or ponies in this case don't really understand that. We all live and die in the same small spot where we were born and the world goes unappreciated, I get that its mostly because a lot are terrified of what's out there and there's financial issues and such. But sometimes, you just gotta take that risk to fully appreciate what's out there." I crossed one leg over the other, eyeing the six girls in front of me. "I was honestly terrified at first, being in such a strange new world. But I made some friends, people that I could trust to help me through the tough times I faced."

"Lotta folk been wonderin' what you got planned now? Now that you're... not exactly adventuring anymore."

A smile was all I could give them. "That's the thing Miss Applejack, the adventure never truly ends..."

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That Sounds interesting

Glad you think so

I like it.


What is it?

Ooo glad you like it~ :heart:
And its the first in a line of teasers for a story I'm writing that I've made fairly good progress on. Think of them like TV Spots or whatever, of the shorts you see for Equestria Girls.

Let's call it Project SI for now.

Not sure when I'll post this particular story, but I do know that once I hit about 20 - 30 chapters I'll begin posting shit for it.

If this is your next story, I can't wait to read it.:pinkiehappy:

It tis dear fellow~ And I'm glad to hear! Please stick around and be sure to keep an eye out for any Blogposts titled with What it Means in it for news and updates :yay:

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