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Five Nights at Twilight's preview · 7:25pm Jan 22nd, 2017

Princess Celestia woke up in a panicked sweat. She had been sleeping in her bed in Canterlot Castle. After the princess of the sun glanced around her bed chamber, one of her royal guards galloped towards her in a panic. "Princess Celestia! Are you alright?!" The royal guard asked.

He looked like every other male guard under the sun princess's rule. "I'm fine. It was only a nightmare." Princess Celestia said, reassuring her guard that she was okay. It was a lie. She had never been fine. Not after the "incident".

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Sounds creppy and spooky:fluttershyouch:

4392385 :pinkiecrazy:Good. That's intended. :pinkiecrazy:

Would you look at that, now Equestria is in the middle of this mystery...I need to expand my theories.

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