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This fanfic was inspired by We Know Better from one of the outtakes from Frozen.:pinkiehappy:

One day, before Rachel became the night guard at Nightmare's, Nightmare Moon was walking near the bathrooms when she heard a small child sobbing. Curious and confused she went to see where the child was sobbing in attempt to cheer him up.

The title was inspired by Mr. Fazbear by Groundbreaking.:pinkiecrazy:

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This story is a sequel to Five Nights at Nightmare's

One day, in 2019, Hasbro Studios decided to reopen Nightmare Moon's Villain Party Place, but this time, the main villains aren't alone.

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Warning: This fanfic contains spoilers for Five Nights at Twilight's!!!

Opium4TmassS gave me the idea for this story. :raritystarry:

Many years before Five Nights at Twilight's, My OC (Emilymena) gets invited to Twilight Sparkle's tenth birthday party by the princess of the sun and moon herself: Princess Celestia.

P.S This is canon to the backstory of Five Nights at Twilight's.

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This story is a sequel to Ms. Moon (FNaN side story #1)

Welcome to your new job at Nightmare Moon's villain party place! Where Bronies and just people in general can meet their favorite My Little Pony villains! Hasbro Studios is not responsible for death or serious injury that may occur during your stay-I mean, I'm not saying anything bad will happen! It's just that ever since Nightmare's opened up, the animatronics have been acting rather odd around the costumers, and have started to roam during the night so you should keep an eye on them with your cameras that have been provided to you by the company.

-Phone "Mare"??? (Original line-thingy)

If anyone can make custom cover art for this fanfic, I'd really appreciate it if you give me a link to it in a comment. Thank you for reading this. :raritystarry:

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