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I am the bubbliest, most outgoing, extroverted introvert. I stare at the other person's shoes when I talk to them. If I had my own soundtrack, it would be Pomme de'Amour I by Rene Aubry.

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Music SIG Likes #34 :: Metallica Redux · 5:22am Jan 22nd, 2017

More Metallica goodness with their latest new album Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. Significant Other gifted me this for Christmas, and I have really enjoyed it. An altogether lovely return to their thrash-metal roots and a pleasure to listen to!

(FlutterThrash - For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils)

(I confess doing something similar, singing into a hairbrush, jumping on our bed more often than I am proud to admit)

Atlas, Rise!


Dream No More

Halo On Fire


Lords of Summer


Moth Into Flame

Now That We're Dead

Spit Out the Bone

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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