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Now Doing Collabrative Stories · 2:54am Jan 8th, 2017

As the title says, I am starting to do collaborative stories. The reason why is mainly cause I feel that writing a story on my own is a bit boring and dull. I mean, it's like having a conversation with someone and knowing what their going to say or even think. But with someone working a story with you, not even I will know what their response will be. I mean, of course there will be plans on how the story will go: different ideas and opinions will make things better.

Now, hear me out, this doesn't mean that any stories that I've worked on my own I'm not writing anymore(even though it's been some time on Wolf Child) or any stories I may have planned before I started doing some collaborative stories.

Where this suddenly started was simply my first collaborative story called "Doors: An MLP Fanfic" when one of the people who was going to write a chapter couldn't work on their own. It made sense since they felt that they couldn't understand a character they didn't make themselves. That, of course, sparked my interest on working on a story with someone. Of course, this started me asking some people who wanted to work on a chapter of the fic if they wanted my help. Soon enough, I started having more ideas for more stories.

At this moment in time, I'm working on two stories that I'm writing with someone. Them being "Tales from Tinies: Pupa's Purpose" and "Royal Pain" in which I'm writing it with MrAquino. He's honestly a great person to work with. We come with ideas and plans on both stories and he's always there to continue working with. And this obviously started when we worked on a chapter from his "Tales from Tinies" story that started the side story of Pupa's Purpose.

Now, I'm planning on making collaborative stories and even have some in mind. But of course, I can't always ask MrAquino to work on a story with me. So, if anyone wants to work with me, you could always PM me and we could work something out. Of course, I'm always open for whatever story you might have and need some help. The only problem I may have with working with someone is that I can't really write out as someone I'm nothing like(Ex: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Spoiled Rich). So, I'll be waiting for anyone who might like doing stories with me. See-ya!

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