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I believe in my whole race. Yellow, white, black, red, brown in the honesty, courage, intelligence, durability and goodness of the overwhelming majority of my brothers and sisters everywhere

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the Brony Community has lost a great Bony · 5:15pm Jan 3rd, 2017

It Is my sad duty to inform the brony community that we have lost one of our most dedicated and beloved at least in our group members Ryan Hendricks also known as Rachel Sapphire she unfortunately chose to take her life last night at around Ryan was one of the nicest and most compassionate and loving person I have ever known I really wish I could have done more to help her she will be very very missed she was a loving friend and great person I will miss you Ryan you touched my heart in so many ways

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Comments ( 3 )

......I'm sorry. I know how it feels. I wish you the best in healing. May she rest in peace. :fluttercry:

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