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Northern Desert

Hello Everyone, I'm Northern Desert and this is my user page. I'm a fan who loves crossovers, Pokemon, Bionicle, Lego, and other general nonsense. Witness now as this silly author writes horse words!

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A New Wheel, Chapter 12 Update · 1:39pm Nov 21st, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic November, I know I am. I've been a bit busy since relatives and friends are coming, so what time I would usually have free on the weekend to write isn't there right this second. However, fear not I shall upload a new chapter. I mean, I've worked on it already so progress has been made

I just wanted to update all of you on what's happening. Don't want you guys and girls to think I've disappeared.

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What the audience didn't know, was that he actually disappeared only a little bit later.

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