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Northern Desert

Hello Everyone, I'm Northern Desert and this is my user page. I'm a fan who loves crossovers, Pokemon, Bionicle, Lego, and other general nonsense. Witness now as this silly author writes horse words!

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Hello to all my friendly readers, viewers, and fellow authors out there!

You've all been probably wondering, "Wtf did Northern go!?!". No no, I am not dead. I have simply been driven to near insanity as I finished up finals...AND NOW IT'S DOWN!!!


Okay okay, I'm calm now. So, a quick update I guess for all of you patient and really... ( .____.) oh dear....You've been really patient for me...I just don't know what to say, I'm sorry :facehoof:

But hey, I'm back! I didn't expect such a large workload, and now that I am more, er, experienced, I can get back into the groove of things.

Playing the Villain is going through a crossover right now, but that should hopefully finished soon. It's been a blast working with the author on it.

A New Wheel will be updated as well, never fret....

So will Dis Place needs a Star, y--eah

And A New World, A New Map...

(._____.) Holy--nope! Language Northy! Language...but yeah, as you can see I am in quite the pickle...which only makes it worse since I have, like, ten different story ideas I want to do :twilightoops:

But never fear, I will complete my stories! New Wheel will be happier, funnier, fluffier >=3

Playing the Villain will be more dramatic, intense, and with it comes a sequel where I can fully release all of my writing skills!

Thank you, all of you, for being so patient and understanding over these past months. Thank you for your comments and likes, all of this support was something I never even imagined until now. I truly believed I would merely get, maybe, thirty likes total and never really be noticed @___@

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