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Yeah, I'm dead now. Cya in the afterlife.

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  • 169 weeks
    Perhaps the greatest idea mankind will ever have.

    So, are ya ready? You don't look ready yet. I'd better make some pre-plot-twist-reveal-tension and make everybody wonder what is going on.
    *dramatic music*
    You're still not ready. Go watch all of Blood Lad and come back to me when you've accomplished that feat (it's not that hard- there's only about 10 episodes (although there's the 60+ chapter manga...))

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  • 172 weeks



    Thank you. I honestly don't know why you guys follow me, but hey, I like it. :D

    Now, who wants a hug?

    Oops... wrong pony!

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  • 176 weeks
    ...Is this a good title?

    I'm not very active anymore, and that's because life. Best explanation ever, I know. But jobs and family just get in my way all the damn time.

    Good game.
    I'm going to try and write when I can, but I figured I should tell you guys so you don't expect anything.
    Have fun.

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  • 183 weeks
    I'm back, Happy New Year!

    You might be expecting something like this:

    Happy New Year's!

    But I'm not in the mood for that today, so I think I'll do this instead:
    Happy 2017, if it's happy or whatever...!
    So yeah. Guess how my holidays went.

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  • 186 weeks

    I'm sick again.

    So happy.
    My brain feels like mush, only, it also feels like mush that's been beat up and thrown in a blender, then trampled by a herd of wild rhinos.
    Now do you know how I feel? Probably not, but that's not important.

    The important stuff is as follows:

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Get that little... · 1:51am Nov 14th, 2016

I just finished watching Avatar.
For the third time.
Damn, I want to be one now...
And really. The entire time I was screaming "Murder that son of a...! Kill the ... General, Dammit!" I mean, he's just such a pain in the flank, if you know what I mean. I personally wanted to reach through the screen and smack him upside the head to see if he was human. Obviously, I would not have gotten an answer. Believe me, I tried.

And now I want to write a fic about an OC x Jake Sully...
I'm very tempted to do it.

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to write romance fics. Mostly, because I love a happy ending. Also, because I feel like that might be the best way for me to invoke feeling in the readers. Like, maybe, if I describe them, you'll fall in love with them all the same.
I try. I really do.
But it just ain't enough.
And yes, that is a word.
Now it is, anyways.

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