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I Am Absolutely Beside Myself · 11:50am Nov 3rd, 2016

Last night, a single donation from a fellow Fimfiction reader and author, not only fulfilled my individual goal twofold, but also completed the goal I share as a team with Cobalt. And we're still three days out!

So, since we're rapidly closing in on Saturday's charities, I'd like to now take requests and suggestions on what to do on the stream, besides gaming, or at times, alongside the gaming. Specific challenges in the games (I'll be playing mostly Titanfall 2, Cobalt will be playing Forza 3). If I had to guess, he may or may not wander over to The Division, not too sure where I'll go, haven't tested capturing PC footage.

But seriously, now that my goal is 240% complete, I want to put on one hell of a show to get that number even higher when we go live.

I'm all ears.

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Stream naked :^)

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