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I am triggered · 9:38pm Oct 30th, 2016

Some idiot in my school stole my wallet! Like wtf?! I don't know who it was, but they didn't take it to the lost and found. How selfish. There needs to be less people like that in the world. I know they're not reading this but I like to talk in second person when I'm mad, so I'm just gonna pretend they're reading this.

Hello selfish asshole whom I hate! I just wanted to say that I sincerely hope you get robbed. :heart:

Just to clarify things, I didn't mean that to the person that's reading this, I just like to pretend the person who robbed me is reading this, so when I said "You" I meant the person who robbed me, not whoevers reading this. (Unless the person who stole my wallet is reading this)

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4277786 Same. I left it in the lab at lunch and somebody saw it and decided it was theirs.:facehoof: It had my full name and face on it. They should've given it to me! :flutterrage:

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