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If you are reading this, I can say you're interested about me! :D thanks a lot, drop by one of my fics and comment please, if you may...

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People, why? · 5:23am Oct 6th, 2016

In this fandom, i found out that there are a lot of people with problems (mental, emotional,intelectual, physical) my question here is, why???

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Well for one this is in my case, I can say i am facing depression, not as bad as i used to. But in my eyes its just the show itself draws people like us in. Watching a show about friends, Fighting every battle together as one. Just loving eachother. It soothes my heart singing the songs in the show and even just looking at pictures of the mane 6 just crumbles my heart. I just wish i had a friendship like theirs ya know? Like if i could set a deal to god to send me to ponyville or canterlot high, I would do anything in order to get there just to experience what life is like with great friends. I'm not in it for all the stuff others in the fandom could be interested in. I want to do it because the strength in their friendship is just amazing. 6 completely different girls getting along as if they were the same. I'ts truly amazing and that is why i love the show. It helps with all my problems. I just keep telling myself "You'll be like them one day" because that is all i could ever ask for.

Other than that this is just my opinion on why i enjoy the show and i am here. This community is like my ponyville. Almost everyone gets along and we all have our own names like everyone in the show. It makes us all unique and friends that we all have the same interest. i personally love this for the romance fics (not the clop) Just because it always proves what i someday will have. That perfect relationship, Like i knoe this is a full rant but while i'm in it i might as well tell you my dream girl, she is none other than Fluttershy, there is nothing i'd change on her and to find a girl in real life that is exactly like her i can tell you i will do anything in my willpower to make her mine, she is the definition of my perfect girl. Anyways now i think i have covered everything. All i can say is i like this stuff for the fact it lets me be happy for that little moment of a dream. I can be in a nightmare about to be slaughtered, But in the glimpse of an eye i can spot anypony from the show that i know and i will smile no matter what happens, There is nothing i would change about myself or be ashamed of myself because this is me, this is who i am and i know for certain i'd have hung myself in my backyard if it wasnt for this show.

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