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John the brony and yknow

If you are reading this, I can say you're interested about me! :D thanks a lot, drop by one of my fics and comment please, if you may...

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    Goodbye Bronies

    This is it, I'm leaving, this is no longer my thing, I enjoyed it, I personally think the characters are cute and all that stuff, but I mean that my liking for this is not as strong as before, I just want to remain as somebody who came across this and liked it, as another TV show, enjoyable, funny, and stuff, I do not want to be a fan, making stuff in internet, like art, or stories,

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    bronyversary!!! :D

    I dont really know when I became a brony but I remember I came across the 'brony' definition in August of last year, so I will make this day my aniversary of being a brony :DDD

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    s6 ep14

    What a piece of !!!!!

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s6 ep14 · 5:40pm Aug 7th, 2016

What a piece of !!!!!

Nah just kidding, the first 5 minutes were good, the rest... C**p, but i think the reason why i disliked it is because of the childish attitude of the grownups(rd,aj and rarity) and the fact that most of the things that happened there made the cmcs upset, therefore maiking us dislike it, but well... Noo one is perfect so i will wait till next week and see if hasbro makes mlp great again

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