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Hello! The name's Valystine! I love writing, and drawing as well. Small warning, I have the tendency to start stories and probably not finish them, but please do enjoy what I have to offer. Goodbye!

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Important Notice · 9:59pm Sep 30th, 2016

What's up?
Between school and being sick, I've been either too busy or haven't felt well enough to get on and update my stories. This week, I've been a little too sick to attend school, but I've also been feeling well enough to get own and work on updates, as well create a new story hopefully you'll all enjoy. But once I get better, I won't have much time to update again. But don't fret! In my 3rd period class, I'm all caught up with the assignments (the teacher posts two weeks worth of assignments to do school week. It might sound like a lot, but the work is hella easy, and I usually get half the assignments done by Tuesday.) so I have free time during that class to update, so from about 11:18AM-12:04PM and 12:40PM-1:32PM EST look forward to a couple of updates.
Now you're probably wondering, "Why can't you update on the weekends?". And my answer to that is this: I'm actively in Girl Scouts, and it's Fall Product season, so, despite still recovering from a sinus infection, I've been going around the area I live and helping my fellow troop members get nuts, candies and magazines sold. For the record, I carry around a thing of hand sanitizer and sanitize my hands and arms every time I cough or sneeze.
So that's why I can't update on the weekends, at least for now. Any other time, I sleep in like you wouldn't believe. I go to bed at like around 11:30-ish that night EST, and don't wake up until like 6 that afternoon. So yeah, that's it.
Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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