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Captain Wuzz

\m/ I like the devil's music (and his beard). Hide your daughters etc. I mostly write Discord stuff, because nobody parties like a trickster god.

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  • 173 weeks
    Art commissions open

    Hey peeps,

    Hope you're all doing okay. Just a note to let you all know I've opened for commissions. Examples of my artwork (pony and otherwise) can be found here:


    If you're interested, hmu in DM or contact me under this post. :)

    Thanks for looking! <3

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  • 177 weeks

    So er...I haven't logged into this for like a year?

    So I only just saw all the requests in PM. I haven't deleted my stories entirely just made them private. If you like, I can set up a password so you can all read 'em.

    I'll do that tomorrow though because it's like 4am here and I'm super tired ! <3

    Edit: Also, holy shit.

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  • 238 weeks


    I've basically jumped ship for the Rick and Morty fandom.

    I figure I should just come clean that It'll be unlikely I'll spend more time here. Though you probably knew that from the 30+ weeks I haven't logged into here. :P

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  • 256 weeks
    I don't think writing's an option at the moment.

    Due to various things happening in my life, I don't feel the momentum to write. I have ideas, but no energy to put them to paper. Also, I personally think I haven't written anything all that interesting since Non-Entity, which wasn't my idea anyway.

    Read More

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  • 267 weeks
    Finale art

    So after watching the finale you will be unsurprised to hear that I drew a mountain of Fluttercord art.

    New stuff can be found here:


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Ha · 11:53pm Sep 25th, 2016

One of the great things about stumbling across a hate group on this site is I can systematically go through the forums on the group and pre-emptively block everyone who is a shitheel.

It feels good.

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And what about users who join so they can follow stories added to the group with the explicit intention of deconstructing them?

Poe's law and all that.

4226950 there weren't actually any stories in this group. Its sole purpose was political whining that the status quo wasn't being upheld.

4227223 Don't make me link to it.

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