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    75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour

    Japans biggest blunder of the war, dragging America into the war. They missed the carriers and the fuels depots at the harbour, America was able to come back at Midway and destroy 4 IJN carriers.

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100 Years of the metal beast of the battlefield · 5:33pm Sep 16th, 2016

This week 100 years ago, the Mk.1 Male tank nicknamed "Big Willy or Mother" lumbered to the German trenches, machine gun fire and rifle fire bouncing of this box of metal. Fear gripping the Germans they flee their trenches at the Somme.

The number tanks which reached the Somme was small, but the effect they had on this week would shake history forever. They proved how effective they could be however it will truly be proven at the Battle of Cambrai with how to use infantry and tanks together.

The first tanks were crude and a mechanical mess but they worked and now look at tanks today, they are highly mobile and very deadly. They stood the test lf time.

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The tank really was a shining gem of WW1

While the new Battlefield game isn't exactly realistic in terms of portraying the actual realities of World War 1, the landship is certainly a beast you want to run away from if you see it's full of people.

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