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The Sun Shines No More: A Middway Talking Point · 9:03pm Sep 9th, 2016

We’re a good few chapters into this fic, so I thought I’d have a bit of a talk about it!

I don’t really know when or how I came up with the idea for this story, but it’s been in my head for a while. Previously I’d do Slice of Life/fluffy fics *cough* goreadthem *cough* which makes this is my first attempt at doing a real in-depth character piece. I wanted to show a grounded-in-reality and truthful portrayal of what happens to people in situations like Sunset’s.

The plot for the rest of the story is completely written out, it was originally planned to be ten chapters long. But now it’s looking more like twelve or thirteen, simply because of how unintentionally long some chapters end up being. Chapters 3 and 4 –Sunsets entire stay in the hospital- was originally only conceptualized as one chapter and had to be split in half. My schedule is I’m aiming to get a chapter out every Friday, and at the time of posting this I’ve been able to keep up to that so far. Typically I write very quickly, I’m usually half way through the next chapter by the time I’m posting the previous one.

One question I seem to get a lot is how I am able to write such long chapters written in a short amount of time? Well the answer is simple, I’m an attention whore and the compliments make me work faster, I am a very committed writer.

The only recurring issue I come across while writing this fic is the fact it’s just so bloody miserable! Every time I sit down to write it I’m spouting on about how Sunset suffers from anxiety or doesn’t feel safe in her own home… The music of Madness is great don’t get me wrong, but there’s only so many times you can listen to their miserable stuff before it starts affecting you!

(Seriously though Madness is a great old band, the tone of this fic is hugely inspired by their stuff. For their deeper stuff I recommend 'Grey Day', 'Never Knew Your Name' and 'Lovestruck'. Or if you fancy something more upbeat (which Madness is famous for) check out 'Baggy Trousers', 'The Sun and The Rain'
and 'Our House.')

As you can probably guess by my love of an obscure 80’s band, I’m British, and more often than not I write for British-based things like Harry Potter or Doctor Who. So I admit I am struggling a bit with the lingo for this, I had to correct myself a few times in the first chapter when I referred to the trash can as a bin, and again in this chapter I kept referring to the jelly as jam. So aye, if you notice any slip ups don’t be shy about letting me know!

Also for those who keep up with my other stuff, I probably won’t be updating the fic “The Dazzlings Watch Monster Movies” until this ones completed. They’re both drastically different in tone and I find it difficult to jump from one to another. Plus the chapters I do for this are so long, it takes it outta me! I regret setting the bar so high with the length of those first few chapters now.

Another thing I wanted to talk about: this fics tagging. I originally was going to post this as just a solo Sunset fic, but then I realized you can really feel the presence of The Dazzlings throughout this, despite them not actually being on screen often. That, and the fact their role at the start has a signification impact on the story made me include them. Mind you, don’t take that as me saying they won’t be popping up again.

Last thing now, I would like peoples input: Am I handling the description of an anxiety attack okay? I’ve never had one myself, but I have read about them to the best of my knowledge and really want my description of it to be both accurate and respectful.

Definitely last thing now: I’d like to give a shoutout to the awesome users kul and ForBloodySummer. Kul was kind enough to do some fanart for story, which has now become the stories cover art. Check out his other work on Tumblr! And ForBloodySummer has taken on the role of this stories proof reader (yes I’ve finally got one, stop nagging me now), so a huge thanks to him as well.

See you guy’s next chapter! It’ll be called “Revelations”

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Is your avatar a sprite/pixel art? If it is, then who made it and where can I find him/her?

I think the biggest Britishism that snuck in at this point was calling Sunset's place her flat, when Americans would call it her apartment. Otherwise I didn't see anything else that stood out.

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