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I will try to be a fun person, but will always act professionaly with my work. You will find me all over the internet, and I try to look at all the sides and act resonable on the internet.

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  • 5 weeks
    Should I?

    I was thinking of trying my hand at the grimdark/creepypasta stories. What do you all think? Should i attempt at writing one of them?

    1 comments · 12 views
  • 9 weeks
    Second rewrite!

    It's time for ths next rewrite tomarrow. I'm redoing the Walking Dead a ponies tale cause frankly I'm horribly not happy with the current version. It's not exactly good writing and rushed. Be on the look out for it tomorrow!

    0 comments · 15 views
  • 11 weeks

    Alright everyone! I fianlly did it. I made the first story which is both an AU and a rewrite of an orginal story! Please give me feedback since i havent done this in awhile, everything is appricated.

    Read More

    0 comments · 8 views
  • 11 weeks
    Update and story

    Ok ok. I know i said it would be done by this time this week but ive been busy. My car broke down so ive been dealing with that. I promise ill get it done soon.
    On another note, im down to either doing a AU story or a rewrite of the Twilight Adventures! Which one would my 3 fans perfer?

    0 comments · 13 views
  • 12 weeks
    My next project.

    So after thinking about it for a few days, ive decided what ill be doing. My first project is going to be a rewrite of my first story, done in a much different way. You might as well consder it a new story but i thought it would be the best place to start!
    I dont know when a chapter will be uploaded but it will be before this time next week.

    0 comments · 22 views

New Update Plan · 3:06am Sep 4th, 2016

Alright, something has come to my mind.

I will have a new update plan. I planned to have every story updated once a week, but that's a big plan and too much,

Instead, I will update 1 story a week, except Equestian's Heroes, due to its nature.

1 week I will spend on side projects, such as a tournament, 2nd collab, or a contest writing project. Once I get this done, I might do a new story.

Next week will begin with The Twilight Adventures, and go from there. Hopefully, this goes better so I can update more often!

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