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Needing help · 5:26am Aug 24th, 2016

Hello everyone. I'm going to need help I've been having some issues on writing back and forth with different stories of either new or old story I've been juggling around. It's hard to keep on sticking with one to work with. I'm letting you guys choose on which one you would want to see.

*A present for Daddy
*Chaos madness
*Darkness finding kind
*How could love work?
*Foalsitting Chaos
*Madness in love
*(untitlted) - a surprise one
*The reason why I love you.
*Little bat pony
*Sweet and Sour selves

I hope you guys could help me choose on which one to write and hope to stick with it.Hopefully everyone would enjoy reading it.

Until next time. :twilightsmile:

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A Present for Daddy would be nice for you to continue. I loved the beginning and I'd love it even more if you could finish it.

Hm... off the top of my head, I agree with them

How about A Present for Daddy?

Either a Present for Daddy of Foalsitting Chaos.

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