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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round 23 - The Answers! · 4:54pm Aug 23rd, 2016

(Sorry if you saw this already; I pressed the 'Post' button, but I hadn't finished answering all the questions.)

Twilight and I are both glad you could join us for this answers blog. Let's get started, shall we?

Questions are answered in the order in which they were received.


This is for Author Geo.

1. How have you been G?

I've been better, to be honest. I'm not having much luck finding a job and I haven't wrote anything for a while.

2.I have been thinking of writing a fic but decided against it due to my impeccable grammar flaws. do you think I should go through with it anyway?

I say go for it; there are plenty of people out there who might edit for you if you ask them nicely.

This goes to A.U Geo and Cherrilee.

3. You guys don't have to answer if you don't wanna buuuut. Which one of you plays the naughty teacher or baaad student?

Geo: Of course we have. Hell, we'd be crazy not to!
Cheerilee: The only difference being that he plays the teacher, and I play the student.
Geo: Speaking during detention? That's another half an hour you're here for.
(They exchange a sly wink with each other.)

4. This goes out to the main 6 without a human lover. you girls ever wounder what the guys are like under the sheets?

Fluttershy: Oh, my. Um... not really. That sort of thing is private, is it not?
Rainbow Dash: Hell no, it isn't! I want to know everything; maybe Spark can learn a few things.
Rarity: Oh, please, darling! I have a dragon as my lover. If anything, the men should be wondering what that is like.

5.Yo Spike ever hear of the bro code before?

Spike: John and Geo told me about it once, except they kept calling it 'The Douchebag Code.'

6. Celestia have you or Luna or even both ever got drunk?

Celestia: Once. It was a few years before Luna's banishment, when we still had humans in Equestria.
Luna: We got so drunk, we created an eclipse and then tried to convince everypony that the sun and moon were fighting with each other, and we had lost control.
Celestia: We seemed to forget that everypony knew what an eclipse was.
(Luna giggles.)
Luna: Still, nopony was harmed, and we had a lot of fun. (Pause) Actually, Tia, we should—
(She is interrupted by a flash of magic from Celestia, who has conjured a keg of cider.)
Celestia: Way ahead of you, Lulu.
(She turns the keg upside down and starts chugging from it.)

7. So Flash how's the single life?

(Dusk Wind goes to Flash's room in the barracks and knocks on the door.)
Dusk: Hey, Flash, are you there? You were supposed to be on duty an hour ago.
(There is no reply, so Dusk puts a hoof on the door handle.)
Dusk: You wanna play hardball, Private? All right then, I'm game.
(He opens the door, only to yelp in fright as he is swarmped by an avalanche of tissues.)

8. Sooooo. Blueblood how have you been? I never see or hear you it's like a writer doesn't care or something.

Blueblood: Well, actually, I've been—

9.Ace did you know that there is a magical mirror that can take those who pass through it to a human version equis?

Ace: Not interested. I've got everything I need right here.

10.This last question go's to Twilight and Cadence. Look I'd rather you answered this one away from your spouses. Now you girls are alicorns and apparently have very long life spans. Humans can only live to be about 80 to 103 if we're lucky. How will you handle it if you know.... Out live them? Again you two don't have to answer this. Turned out more depressing than I thought.

Twilight: I'd rather not think about that right now, if you don't mind.
Cadence: Nor me. Sorry.

Huh look at that. Ten Q's for your A's. Guess I had more than I thought. Hope they weren't all bad.

Far from it, actually. Hell, I just hope that my answers were sufficient. :twilightsmile:

Bryan Luna

I have a question for Twilight and Geo. How would you guys deal with a pair of witches bent on taking over Equestria?

Twilight: Crossbow bolts.
Geo: Lots and lots of crossbow bolts. Or, failing that, I can easily get hold of some guns.
Twilight: And failing that... well, I could always blow shit up.
Geo: You mean like how you blew me last—


Hello! A very special happy birthday to you if I am too early or too late.

You're early; at the time of writing this blog, my birthday wasn't for another two days. :rainbowkiss:

Will you be able to do another collaboration? Because I would love to be involved in another collaboration.

I'd love to do another collaboration at some point. It's just a matter of coming up with a decent idea first.

Grasshopper Keller

To M.G. Geo: Both you and Twilight have some great stories together. And with that, I give you both big props for your never-ending love to each other. And this, of course, leads to my question(s):

1. Do you both believe that your foals will grow up to be great ponies?

Geo: We certainly hope so.
Twilight: We're raising them the best we can, as is a parent's duty. But, at the end of the day, they will become independent ponies, free to think and act for themselves. We can only hope that they take what we teach them to heart.

2. How does the horn of an Alicorn or Unicorn pony focus the magic it makes?

I'm sorry, but I can't think of a good enough answer to this question. :raritycry:


1. Fluttershy and Rarity, what are your thoughts of Big Mac in a dress?

Rarity: Ah, yes, I heard about this from Sweetie Belle.
Fluttershy: I, um, think it was sweet of him to do that for his sister.
Spike: Even if it did turn out to be a bit of... (He puts on a pair of sunglasses) ...a drag?
(Fluttershy and Rarity roll their eyes and sigh.)

2. Geo (author), what are your thoughts on Overwatch?

Yeah, I honestly don't see the appeal. Sorry.

3. Twilight, does your planet even have a name?

Twilight: It depends on who you ask. To ponies and zebra, it is Equus. The Gryphons call it Griffus and the Minotaur call it Taurus.
Geo: You wanna know what I call it?
Twilight: What?
Geo: Home.
(Twilight smiles.)

4. Spike, have you tried using Sweetie Belle's cooking as campfire tinder?

Spike: No, because burning toxic waste is illegal in Equestria.
Sweetie Belle: Hey, my cooking isn't that bad? (She holds up a plate.) See?!
Spike: Oh, sweet, you made a diamond!
Sweetie Belle: IT'S PANCAKES!
Spike: Oh... um... I think your sister wants me. Bye!
(He runs off.)

5. Shining Armor, how old are you and did I ask that question already?

Shining Armour: You asked Cadence how old she was, not me. But, since you asked, I'm thirty-two.

6. Fluttershy, does cornmeal exist in Equestria and is it possible to make cornmeal pancakes?

Fluttershy: It does exist, so you can make pancakes with it if you want.
John: How much does it cost?
Doctor Haywick: A hundred bits per tub for the good Zebrican stuff, or ten bits for the Equestrian knockoff.

7. John, does mushroom ketchup exist in Equestria?

John: I sure as hell hope not.
(He grimaces.)

8. Pinkie Pie, is there something your party cannon hasn't fired in existence?

Pinkie: That's a silly question, silly!
Ace: It's not. I highly doubt you've fired actual cannonballs from it.
Pinkie: Well, actually...
(Ace looks shocked.)

9. Twilight and Rarity, can Sweetie Belle's cuteness be weaponized?

Rarity: Much like Twilight's dancing, it has been universally agreed that the use such a weapon would be a crime against equinity.
Geo: What's so bad about Twilight's dancing?
Rarity: It's not that she's bad, darling, it's just that... she could use some lessons.
Geo: No, no, I need to see what the fuss is about. Hey, Twi!
Twilight (from upstairs): Yeah?
Geo: Get your skates on, we're going out!

(A few days later...)

Doctor Haywick: Geo is still in a state of shock.
Rarity: What about the other ponies who were at the club?
Doctor Haywick: Nothing a spot of counselling won't fix.

10. Pinkie Pie, I remember you taking offense last time I asked about butterscotch-cinnamon pie, so are all your other relatives... oh, I dunno... named after pie flavors?

Pinkie: You betcha! There's my uncle Lemon Pie, my second cousin Mud Pie, my auntie Lime Pie, my...
Ace (interrupting): That'll do, Pinks. You've got so many relatives, we'll be here for the rest of the night.
Pinkie: Silly Acey, we won't be here for the rest of the night... we'll be here for the next three days. Now, where was I?
(She continues listing off relatives, while Ace bangs his head against a wall.)

Shadow Lance

Is the agent who tracked you in the story based off of some one you know?

I'm not sure I know what you mean. Then again, I've written so many stories, it's hard for me to keep track. Could you possibly enlighten me as to which character and story you are referring to?

Having said that, no. None of my characters are based on people I know.

why did the season of terror take after doctor sonic the hedgehog directors cut

The whole thing with Rain-bot Dash was Crimson Star's idea. In fact, one of the fight scenes we were going to write would have been based on a boss battle from one of the Sonic games.

Who is your favorite pony

Twilight Sparkle.

(I'm surprised that so many people seem to ask me this question.)

Whats your fav food

Macaroni cheese.

how is your day

It's been all right. A bit too hot for my liking, but what can you do?

Lord Guffington

What brought you into the MLP world? (You might have already answered this question, but I wasn't here lol)

I have answered this before, so I'll just give you a summarised answer.

A couple of my friends watched it, I took the piss out of them, they told me not to knock it until I'd tried it, I watched the first two episodes, then found myself watching all of Seasons One and Two. By that point, I realised I was a brony.

That's all for this Q&A session, folks.

Stay awesome.

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Comments ( 2 )

I'm not sure I know what you mean. Then again, I've written so many stories, it's hard for me to keep track. Could you possibly enlighten me as to which character and story you are referring to?

sorry i didn't specify, i meant form your second geovers story were the guy that was being your friend turned out to be a spy and it was one of those, it was just a job but i truly see you as a friend type deal, he was being your characters friend so that he could find out what ace was doing and about the nuclear power he aquired


Ah, right. Sorry, I should have known that. But, no. John isn't based on anyone I know.

Thanks for your questions!

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