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Every story has an ending, but in life every ending sparks a new beginning...

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    A Final Blogpost, Please Read if You Actually Liked My Works

    I'm just gonna make it simple - the less time I spend here the better.

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    Hey guys.

    Sooo, this is just a random blog post (just like 95% of all my blog posts) but I felt like I had to say it. This is serious.

    Skyrim Special Edition? Got it in my library for free on Friday. I do not want to play it. I implore you guys to not play it either.

    I'm dead fucking serious.

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    *Grinning to avoid laughing intensifies*

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    Time to face facts.

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    Gotta stop stressing

    Just found out I might have psoriasis. I also might not have it, but either way, I gotta stop stressing out or I will get it.

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Advice To a Steam User Part 2 · 11:03am Aug 18th, 2016

He changed his review. :rainbowlaugh:

Just because of what I said!!!

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Comments ( 8 )

I love the smell of bullshit in the morning... :yay:


I couldn't help but laugh my ass off at this.:rainbowlaugh:

I've also enlarged the file if any of you had trouble reading it.

4158146 Lol. I was debating between using that one, or the health one.

4158269 Stalin Solver at least doesn't make things personal...

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