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i guess you want to read my bio ehh okay here we go. I'm a texan,I like guns,and i want to become a engineer and smith. Okay you read it now stop reading and go along with your regular things,

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  • 400 weeks
    The Armory

    Hello there Eric here many wonder what the USAA is and what are the units are well then here are the answers you seek.
    (Will add hit points and damage soon)
    The Marine - US Marines carry the m16a4 with Kevlar amour
    The javelin - US Heavy infantry carry the javelin to combat tanks and light vehicles
    The Stinger - US Heavy infantry carry the stinger to combat planes and helicopters

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  • 400 weeks

    (this is act of aggression displaced so yhea)
    Gen. Eric Segura
    Hello ladies and Gentlemen you have been chosen to view classified information so no telling the NLR or the SE

    [*sigh* I wish I could edit it here but oh well.]

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The WARROOM · 11:39pm Aug 6th, 2016

(this is act of aggression displaced so yhea)
Gen. Eric Segura
Hello ladies and Gentlemen you have been chosen to view classified information so no telling the NLR or the SE

[*sigh* I wish I could edit it here but oh well.]
We have landed west of los Pegasus and south of some mountains with only a command center , a barracks , Two field generators and a couple of marines.
We have received word from the radios that a couple of marines and javelins are stranded on the other side of the ocean to the west of los Pegasus on a peninsula.
Thankfully the NLR and The SE are too busy fighting for los Pegasus to notice the weird energy spike of us getting transported to this dimension, but it will be only a matter of time until they notice us and send somebody after us. So we must find oil ,build buildings along with units, and rescue the stranded marines and javelins before they are noticed by the two army's ,and are captured.
It seems we have a hell of a week ahead of us people good luck and Godspeed.
-Gen. Eric Segura out

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And then Jason Hughes showed up, beat everyone into submission and made peace.

4135861 maybe...just maybe or a tactic I like to call machine gun nukes

4135864 Jason turns into Alien X and rewrites the universe. Or he turns into SCP 682 and devours everyone.

4135871 so yeah, if Jason Hughes appeared in this universe, he'd curb stomp Earth and bitch slap some sense into Celestia and Luna.

4135877 ehh if I die I just respawn somewhere else but have to build everything back up again so yhea I probably wont make enemies of Jason Hughes since, ya know i'm lazy and don't want to have to build everything back up again

I'm not familiar with act of aggression, if anything, Darkwhip could be in an science field team by the NLR. beyond that i got no further insight(oh the irony).

4135906 Basically its the US army(me) which is tough but does not have the tech due to budget cuts, The chimera the UN anti-terrorist group which is the jack of all trades but the masters of none, and the Cartel the mysterious group that originally only wanted to get rid of communism until the new guard decided that the world would be a better target, they have the tech(stolen from various company's) and are super stealthy but they require a lot of energy to run.

4135915 Sounds interesting, so US=GDI, Cartel=NOD.
My character would probably fit more with the cartel being tech savvy and all.

4135998 I Just posted another blog about the armory AKA what the USAA uses to battle

Okay well then... Don't tell the NLR... I'm only a General in it... Oh well. Anyways, I won't be loaning you my primary OC, as I have yet to even complete his backstory... Yeah... 1024 years to explain, though in reality it is really only 24... (Crystal Empire Shenanigans)

Anyways, the OC's I lent you are intensely loyal to Luna, who if I recall my New Lunar Rebellion/Republic lore correctly is essentially George Washington. Whereas Celestia is a Tyrant, still not Hitler, no that still belongs to Sombra in my books, lol. I'd say Tia would be King George, female version.

(I like to think of the NLR as the USA, and the SE as the UK)

4136476 My idea is that the solar empire is evil while the new lunar republic is Good BUT they are corrupted.
My character is going to be defending those that have no side AKA the neutrals.

4136480 oh forgot but the story will come out soon

4136480 Hrm, all in all if the OC's I am lending you witnessed the corruption first hoof, they would fight by your side, they all share one common mentor, who for this fic will be dead... (AKA Tempest Knight, the one OC I will not be lending you even if you tried to pay me for him... I have reasons.) He taught them above all else, fight not for a crown or group, but for those who cannot fight for themselves, and for those who shouldn't have to.

4136505 I could implement them into my army but don't be surprised if the OC's won't be seen for a while since my mind is a jumbled mess full of ideas going everywhere. The OC's are not going to be in the end or the middle but somewhere between the start and the middle At least I think? hmm *sigh* I need more vanilla coke for this Ohh and the story's Prologue will be out soon

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