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i guess you want to read my bio ehh okay here we go. I'm a texan,I like guns,and i want to become a engineer and smith. Okay you read it now stop reading and go along with your regular things,


The Armory · 1:25am Aug 7th, 2016

Hello there Eric here many wonder what the USAA is and what are the units are well then here are the answers you seek.
(Will add hit points and damage soon)
The Marine - US Marines carry the m16a4 with Kevlar amour
The javelin - US Heavy infantry carry the javelin to combat tanks and light vehicles
The Stinger - US Heavy infantry carry the stinger to combat planes and helicopters

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The WARROOM · 11:39pm Aug 6th, 2016

(this is act of aggression displaced so yhea)
Gen. Eric Segura
Hello ladies and Gentlemen you have been chosen to view classified information so no telling the NLR or the SE

[*sigh* I wish I could edit it here but oh well.]
We have landed west of los Pegasus and south of some mountains with only a command center , a barracks , Two field generators and a couple of marines.

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