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State of Affairs - Aug 2016 · 4:53am Aug 5th, 2016

So... I know.

I haven't really been doing much around here lately... except I have. It's just that you guys can't see it. So that's why I'm writing this blog.

A shit ton of work is going on behind the scenes here, from things as small as subtle profile page changes, to whole chapters being written, subsequently deleted and re-written. I mean, if you take a look at the stories page I SEE, it contains a lot more content than what yours does:

(Don't ask how Prismatic Symphony ended up all the way down there... Idk).

Anyways... I have 5 stories that have yet to be published. All of them feature content of some kind, whether it be one or two chapters. The only thing keeping me from posting them is most likely the fact that I don't feel comfortable with the way they are yet, "Friendship" especially. I began writing that story back over a year ago, and currently have three chapters written, and a majority of the story planned out. Unfortunately, the second and third chapter just... blatantly suck in my book, and I don't want to make you guys wait after I publish the first chapter.

"Souls on Hooks" is another big project of mine that I've been working on. The issue with this one is the actual content of the story. It deals with heavy psychological themes that stem from rape and other sexual experiences. I pride myself with keeping my stories mostly rated T or E ("Of All The Things We Love" was a major fuck-up. Dunno what I was thinking. The story overall is just... ech), and "Souls on Hooks" would most likely not be able to maintain a T rating. It's also the stories heavy themes that make me fear being unable to adaquately express certain emotions. As one of my pre-readers mentioned to me, "You seem to be casting aside the fact that she was raped far too easily, and Sunset's background relating to this just seems... unrealistic."

"Haylo" is kind of dead-ish for now... I hit a snag on the third chapter/level. Nothing else to say about that.

"Beginnings" is completely planned out, and I have about 1000 words written, I just need to finish it. The entire story is planned out, but unfortunately time caught up with me. The events taking place in the sixth season of the show kind of debunk the overall concept of that story, although I supposes an AU tag could just fix all of that. (There's also the slight fact that it relies heavy on the laws of temporal mechanics [time travel], and I dunno how to translate that into... easy-to-read terms).

And that brings us to "For the World Is Ending and I Am Left to Die." Another short story that focuses primarily on Sunset Shimmer. It has an incredibly depressing concept, one that really doesn't offer forgiveness. The story is finished, it's just that in re-reading it, I feel I haven't portrayed the emotions of the scenario all to well. It seems chaotic and jumbled, which is only good if it's implemented properly. In this case it isn't, and I don't feel comfortable releasing it yet.

"Foreign," the MLP/Zootopia crossover, is also high up on my list of stories to get ready. I don't have it in Fimfiction yet, but major work is being done to get it ready and written. It's supposed to be an interesting glimpse into how similar yet incredibly different the worlds of Equestria and Zootopia are, while still including your lovely bit of romance and fluff you generally expect from one of my stories. (An aspect I have been told is absent from my recent releases).

I guess the point of this blog is to let you guys know I haven't deserted you. I'm still working on awesome stuff for you, and I will keep my mind set on it until I finish it. I'm not going the be the next TAW over here, I'm going to finish what I start, no matter how long it takes. So stay patient, and stay awesome.

Brohoof /)

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