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  • 3 weeks

    Still here, and still working on the projects I mentioned last time, with a bit of an amendment. I recently had the idea to basically write prequels to the current story series where different members of the Mane Six, and later other characters, find themselves in alternate worlds (that are strangely erotic for some reason) story where the prequel is how events played out in the world, I started

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  • 7 weeks

    I suppose everyone deserves at least an update from me. Adventures in Eroquestria hasn't had any progress because no players/readers have sent over their rolls for what could happen next. Recently I found and became infatuated with Lady (un)Luck Casino series of images,

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    Just Why

    I'm wondering something, this what some might call a Minor thing, why do stories have a Max limit of 5 main Characters? It makes very little sense, a story can have more than 5 main characters as easily as it can have 1 or 2, so why is that limit even still there? Especially with the wide breadth of characters the series and franchise has now.

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  • 14 weeks
    In Case you Missed it

    I uploaded the latest chapter of Adventures in Eroquestraia

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  • 26 weeks
    How Things are Going

    This pandemic seems pretty bad but I'm staying healthy, I've actually been feeling healthier than usual the past few days. I've been running and playing a few games on Role Gate (one that NSFW). I'm still waiting for word on how Adventures in Eroquestria should progress, since it runs on reader suggestions because it is intended to operate with the readers also be akin to players.

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I got to thinking about what could come with Pokemon Sun and Moon · 1:01am Aug 5th, 2016

So, with the release of Sun and Moon fast approaching I decided to do a little digging on Hawaiian lore to see if there are any pokemon that could be inspired by it in some way, also had this really absurd notion that someone might think this is a good time to introduce a surfboard inspired pokemon (not just a surfing version of a pokemon, an actual pokemon with its aspects inspired by a surfboard). And then I found little thing that talked about how different animals were represented in their spiritual culture and got to thinking the starters might have their forms based on Hawaiian lore. Rowlet is an owl, in the Hawaiian language is called "Pu’eo" (I'm sure some of you will probably use this a nickname for your Rowlet now) and in the lore symbolizes protection. In Hawaiian, the Hawaiian Monk Seal is called "Hulu" and represents Immortality. Litten is the odd one out, the source I found doesn't show any members of the cat family in Hawaiian lore. However, I find it interesting that 2 of the 3 starter pokemon could have a potential connection with real world animals that have a cultural significance to Hawaii.

Source found here

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