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Remember when Firefight was fun? · 12:10am Aug 2nd, 2016

I jumped back on to Halo 5 yesterday, for the first time since launch to hang out with a friend, and found that it now has barely enough content (bar microtransactions) to match up with what Halo: Reach had at launch. Hell, Halo 4 launched more soundly than this fucking wreck. But, I digress. I'm not here to complain about the entirety of Halo 5's faults, just the ones with their excuse for "Firefight".

In Halo: Reach, the firefight maps were sections of the Campaign that were cut out because they were well designed and were fun to fight through. Here, they're way too fucking big, requiring that you waste your REQ points to spawn either a Warthog that can only seat 2 people or a Mongoose that is guaranteed to get you fucked when you reach the enemy lines. They're also just recycled maps from the other Warzone game modes and look like they were pre-purchased assets from the Unity storefront.

In Reach, the enemies were categorized in different waves and classes so you knew what was coming and when so you could properly prepare, and got more difficult as the game went on so you could adjust to the challenge, as well as choose the difficulty level.
In Halo 5, they all hit like this is Legendary, all types of enemies are thrown in willy-nilly, some are slapped gold and given a boss name and health bar for no reason, as they die just the same as any other character of that type, and the waves are randomized. I remember we fought a wave of Grunts and Jackals first, and immediately after that, we were expected to take down a FUCKING PHANTOM. No one had anything above a Level 2 REQ, and of course, we lost.

I've said it once, I've said it 410 Billion times.
FUCK. The. REQ. System.
It's a stupidly contrived medium to peddle out Microtransactions so they could crank this game for the maximum amount of money out of it because they don't give a shit about the legacy Halo built up and the trust they HAD to earn.
That said, it hurts Firefight immensely, destroying the tension with everyone running back and forth between the REQ station to replenish ammo instead of scavenging weapons from the surroundings (which really highlighted the level design in Reach), and caused great frustration due to me spawning in a Wraith and wasting a card in the last 10 seconds of the fight. It leads to distrust and anger between the Spartans on the field to try and see who wants the score to get any good vehicle to combat the scenario, and the recharge rate cost us 8 matches because we couldn't get Rockets or Scorpions out soon enough.

The respawn in Reach worked well enough with where the enemies were and how many of them were nearby.
In 5, however, you'd think that with the maps the size they are, there'd be multiple spawn-in points like in every other Warzone gamemode. But NOPE! Fuuuuuuuck that! Let's make it a fixed point on the Opposite end of the fucking map so they have to spend a whole 30 seconds of a 5 minute match sprinting from point A to point B.
And what's with the punishing respawn timers!? I had to wait 30 seconds at one point to respawn after the Prometheans just popped up in front of me! Why should I suffer for your ineptitude at programming enemy spawn point!?!?!?

Fuck this game. I gave 343 a chance, and now Halo is practically dead to me. Everything After Halo 4 is non-canon, as far as I'm concerned.

Comments ( 5 )

The only thing I found fun about Halo 5 was the campaign, and the lack of split screen made that hard to enjoy anyway.

You know you can join the rest of us who still play reach and ignore 343i half arsed attempt at a halo game

Also I agree halo 4 onwards is just master chief having a really bad acid trip :pinkiehappy:

I feel ya. Halo 3 was at it's height's also with Halo Reach. Halo Reach was the last good one while Halo 4 became a huge disappointment in my book. But Halo 5? That lazy ass developed game has ruined the halo franchise and now is bumper sticker glued as fucking cannon. And don't get me started at the huge fuck up, DLC spamming game known as Destiny. Some may say it is the new Halo; I say this. The difference between Halo and Destiny is that Halo had a story while Destiny is a cheap ass, money grabbing whore of a game that demands you to have DLC upon DLC. And now halo has been sold away to a 343 who don't give a damn about the lore and only about the money flowing in. We as gamers live in sad times of greedy corporations taking what we love and using it for their own gain. They turn our love into lies to feed their never ending greed. Now I'm gonna stop ranting and babbling on and just say this. FUCK YOU Bungie & 343!

To be honest, I kind of agree, mostly because its taking me FOREVER to get the regular DMR. But yeah, firefight does suck. I only do it for the points.

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