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  • 73 weeks
    To much twitter?

    If I had written a story like I have wrote on Twitter all year I would have a really wierd story that wouldn’t pass moderation :)
    Anyhoo, no luck writing yet. It just isn’t coming forward, but I did grab a model steam engine and bling it right up over the summer. It got a crane and I made a new back end and I had fun. Also had some fun with the race truck.

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    3 comments · 71 views
  • 115 weeks
    Funny mind place

    Yep, new year, same me :D
    Last year was trailer re-building and making rat-quad-crane (which is great for a physically struggling person like myself) and some other bits and bobs.
    I’ve already chucked down a patio this week, but haven’t written anything. Will I write more? I would love to, but it isn’t coming to me. It’s only January though.

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  • 128 weeks
    Writings a bit thin :O

    Yeh, not so much going on with words. There was an anthro cat one the other week that was a fair bit grim :D
    A lot of time went into the cosplay this year and a lot more in trailer repairs in the spring.
    The last few weeks I have been building a small mobile crane for the garden. Plus, work has been busy, so less time there to think up stories.

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  • 150 weeks
    Derpy's Treasure Cave story

    Wow that went well :twilightsheepish:
    It had 209 views in four days and 6 followers. (Amazed) It got also favourited so many times I can't see how I can thank you one by one without getting accused of spamming, so a big Thankyou to all of you who read my work.

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  • 155 weeks
    A trailer........

    The larger part of Team Idris travels around on the back of a trailer. The race truck weighs about two tons and is for off-highway use only. The trailer it rides around on is quite large and is currently being refurbished here in Idrania. The main part of the work involves fitting new axels and this has used up all my boredom time. Cosplay has also eaten into my writing time, but has created a

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[no title] · 6:25am Jul 23rd, 2016

It has been a couple of months interspersed with MOT's on the car and van. That shouldn't throw a spanner in the works, but it usually does. Being 1991 and 2002 means that one of them is bound to need a load of work! But writing continued and "A boat tailed waggon" got finished with some lovely title art from Sofia. Even Present Perfect sounded like he quite liked it. I don't know if Neighrator Pony will narrate it, but I hope he can :o)
"Soft Flooring" has been well recieved and the audio book is on my channel read by Obab Scribbler. I thought it went very well and I got to make screaming and suffocating noises.
The latest story to be uploaded is a full on canon Mlp fanfic. It already has one 'favourite list' after a few hours so it might do okay? I watched the first two episodes several times to get the words right. Called "The Princess Inside", it looks at an alternative to Nightmare Moon being sent to the moon.
It is pony story number fifteen, so I must be averaging a work every three or four weeks? (Not all my works are pony stories). The title art for that looks very good and is a resin model I bought from a lady in Scotland.
No plans or ideas for another story yet. But these things come all of a sudden, so not to worry.
Thanks for reading :D

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Author Interviewer

Link to that Soft Flooring reading? :B

Scribbler brings the 'excellent' again :)
Cut Glass says it's horrible and won't listen to it, even though she voice acts in it !

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