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    important questions that likely won't get answered.

    Why is it so hard to talk to people anymore? Why is it when someone brings up a topic we don't like we block/cut them out of our life? Have we forgotten that in order to solve a problem there needs to be communication between both sides? Why do we take everything like it's life or death when it's said about us but when it's said about our 'opponents' it doesn't matter? Why do we play this

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    Random thought/vent thing

    So three events that have happened in my life, First one in the early 2000's . I used to ride bike 2 miles to school nearly every school day. On my way home one day a driver wasn't paying attention and drove into me knocking me off my bike, hurting my leg and bending my bike wheel.

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  • 201 weeks
    Questions for people

    What do you do to spark your creativity?

    How do you get away from negativity and bring back the positive?

    What is it you do to help yourself come up with new ideas?

    And what do you do when you feel there's nobody you can trust/talk to?

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    Does anyone read these anymore?

    So I've been gone for awhile... depression, work, weather, depression, fear of going out, fear of interacting with people, depression. You know the every day stuff.

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    So I wrote something

    It's not pony related but it's something. I have a feeling some people won't like it but whatever, check it out if you want.


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Questions for people · 7:52pm Jul 20th, 2016

What do you do to spark your creativity?

How do you get away from negativity and bring back the positive?

What is it you do to help yourself come up with new ideas?

And what do you do when you feel there's nobody you can trust/talk to?

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Comments ( 23 )

Watch or read somethin that might help.
Music helps a lot and when you're in a lighter mood slightly sometimes amusing and happy things.
Look at things.
Write about it on a piece of paper or talk to yourself about it. *hugs* Or find someone you can talk to.

4103275 I just might be too jaded or too far gone then :derpytongue2:

4103297 I don't think so

4103299 Well thank you, maybe I just need to find a new music playlist or something.

I usually find most of my insiration in reading other work. Mostly from real authors, as reading real quality can help a lot

4103460 That's an idea, I might try find something to read.

I can reccomend almost anything from "Jim Butcher" Love his writing style

I like to sleep, when I feel any grievances. Also watching some TV takes my mind off things.

4103498 I hope it's not 'heavy reading' I find it hard to sit and read :derpytongue2:

4103521 :derpytongue2: I sleep too much as it is now lol, and it's amazing, you can have 70+ channels and yet still there's nothing on :facehoof:

4103528 If there's nothing on TV you should watch something on your computer. There's plenty of good stuff worth watching.

4103540 sadly even with netflix I have trouble finding things to watch :facehoof: I never had this problem before a few years ago

4103548 You can watch MLP on Netflix, right? Why don't you watch one of those.

4103551 Think I've watched all the seasons on netflix 3-4 times and the movies now, I've gotten to the point where I skip episodes or skip bits of episodes that make me cringe.

4103559 heh, I skip the cringey bits regardless. How about YouTube, isn't there anything on there you watch?

4103564 I need to get away from youtube, the last year and a half has been videos on feminists blm politics and the like. Needless to say there hasn't been much positive on that front.

4103569 Well I'm sorry I couldn't be much help. I assume you've watched all of the vaguely interesting anime and stuff. Hopefully someone else with have a bright idea.

4103572 Thanks for trying at least.:twilightsmile:

4103578 I don't mind chatting if it helps you pass the time.

4103580 I've got nothing to really chat about other then the fact that I'm annoyed that notifications don't pop up for me anymore.

4103583 That's annoying. I have all my notifications by email.

4103592 not that I normally get a lot of notifications, but I get enough junk in my email as it is.:facehoof:

4103308 Also I sometimes listen to depressing music when I'm sad like Bad Apple, Falling in the Black, and Numb, for some reason after zoning out in the music helps sometimes.

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