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Hello there this is Mark the wolf pony. I finally gonna start writing fan fiction.

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  • 146 weeks
    Important Update.

    Hi everyone this is Mark here and I want to say that I'm sorry for not updating a while on blogs as I am working full time on weekends now and have been using my spare time to write chapters and make video's. Many of you might be asking when the next dangonrompa chapter will be out? I say maybe next year as I have started shifting focus on armor fillies which I want to do more for the lore and

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  • 167 weeks
    For those who wonder where I am, I am writing a lot right now when I have the chance. But now I got videos to post.

    You see I started a comic dub of the IDW comics. Here is some things I made with my team.

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  • 195 weeks
    Merry chrismas update.

    Ok sorry for not being too active with my stories. A lot of things has happen but right now, I will say that I hope to finish the chapters soon enough. Hopefully I work extra hard and give it to my editor so he can fix it up and be ready for posting. Merry chrismas everyone!

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  • 213 weeks
    Armor Fillies Chapter 26-30 Info

    Time for the next batch of previews for the next set of chapters.

    Chapter 26: All for one and one for all!

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  • 215 weeks
    A update on my fics.

    Hey guys mark the wolf pony here and I am here for an Update. Now I know you want a new update of my stories and I'm here to tell you that they are in production right now. I'm sorry for a slow update here but stick with me and they'll come in. Here is some sneak peaks

    Armor Fillies

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My little Pony IDW Comic dub Trailer · 3:51am Jul 12th, 2016

Get Hype folks as the IDW comic dub is gonna become a reality.

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