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Review # 2 · 2:06pm Jul 11th, 2016

21,995 words

Alrighty then! I hope all of you enjoyed my previous review.If you haven't read it yet, then click on the link here if, and only if, you want to read it.
Okay, enough dilly-dallying let's get on with the review!

This next fic isn't my usual fare but, it has surprised me in more ways than one. Now usually when I see a HiE fic give it a big dislike and take off and yet this one caught my attention due to the fact that it's unique. Not only did it surpass my expectations it also shined through with the hilarity and the fluency it has been written with.

It also doesn't follow the usual trend where the human is some sort of chosen one or as the only one who can defeat the villains but, instead Nava here choose to go with a fic where he tries not to stand out and let's things try to go accordingly. Emphasis on try.

The (Mis)adventures of Nava tells the tale of Nava and his poor and hilarious attempts to fit in with pony society. Well we all know how those attempts go. It's a great fic and off to a good start! If your reading this Nava I hope to see more!

If you enjoyed this review please leave a like and for those who can see any way for me to improve please give me a constructive comment.

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You do Fic Reviews? That is new :pinkiegasp:

But i like it, thank you for giving my fic a review. :pinkiehappy:


You're welcome! And:pinkiehappy: thanks for commenting and telling me your opinion.:twilightsmile:

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