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  • 237 weeks
    New Account

    Yeah, I couldn't wait.

    All of the stories on this account will be completed. Any new stories though, will take place there. I just didn't feel dedicated to this account. Link to new account after the break!

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    Mass Story Editing Plan

    Title is pretty self explanatory, but I am planning to be having a mass edit of all my stories. This means that every single story that I have public right now will be altered in some way, mainly spelling mistakes, etc. I'm also debating having a new account for new stories, and abandoning this one, but I'm really uncertain at the moment.

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  • 238 weeks
    TER Publishing + I'm back

    I will publish chapters one by one. Also, activity related to writing will resume sometime around 11th July, so I'm reading. Birthday tomorrow also, and 1 year on FF soon!

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    TER Editing in Progress!

    I have gotten an amazing editor, their name is Word Worthy! He is currently editing TER and helping me make an amazing long + short description! I'm super excited, and the story should hopefully be released in about a week or shorter, due to how long editing takes!

    Also, look at this cuteness after the break!

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    Story Progression 5.0 / Editors + YouTube Channel!

    Buckle up folks, this is a long one.

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My own Story is making me Cry · 7:02pm Jul 4th, 2016

Another blog post. I was writing more TER today, and I just finished yet another chapter. I managed to get it at 1.2K words without thinking about it, and it was a very short event that happened. It began getting juicy, and I am beginning to cry.

I started this story because I had the dream. I wrote about it and what it did to me. I don't remember much... It skips from Chapter 1 to like... the last chapter, with nothing in between. It;s pretty confusing, but I am happy with what I'm writing.

If I cry because of this first, short event, then sweet celestia help me with the rest. I am happy I have that [Sad] tag on the story, I mean, I'm making myself cry. It might just be that I'm super dramatic, but I'm not the only Rarity in this world (If it is that way).

I really do hope you will enjoy the story when it is published, it is gonna be a special one! It means... a lot. To me.
Until then!

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