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  • 60 weeks
    Melio Fauna Journal 1

    i guess i have to write in this thing i got from the store here in trottingham after i bought my bar/restaurant here. Ah you might be confused the name is Meliodas well was now the name is Melio Fauna nice name i guess but just call me Melio, well i'm getting off track after ahem entering trottingham or this realm i guess feels weird becoming a pony or equine or whatever their now me called so

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  • 67 weeks
    soooo my internet is off

    yea now i can only do limited shit so creating ocs are out

    3 comments · 99 views
  • 68 weeks
    sooooo two new OC's huh

    one the old goddess of wrath and love before princess cadence was crowned it she's sadistic and lovely at the same.
    two a colt who went unconscious suddenly waking up to have time break abilities.

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  • 70 weeks
    my little brother got robbed

    it looks like he did just god damn it why can't anyone just not rob somebody fuck it i wish my brother was more aware damn it it pisses me off

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  • 70 weeks
    so i have four new OC's that i made today

    but i don't know what back story to give them

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i feel like · 6:28am Jun 5th, 2016

I feel like ever since o joined this site people been leaving idk why I bet if I Never joined people wouldn't leave just feel like I caused people to leave DTB Paradox and some other friends I made on here it just feels like its a set destination or a path if you will I just wanna know if I wasn't or joined this site what would happen.

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It's there personal choice, not because of you

3999545 but it just feels like its because of me and can't get rid of the feeling

like he said, its their choice.

3999549 Write
Power all the feelings and emotions into a 1000 word story
Thats how I get rid of my emotions

3999552 I know but I can't shake off the feeping

3999553 I tried became so mad and sad and wrote a blog ranting about how we humans are mistakes

3999559 I'm sorry if my methods don't help
But thats what I would do

it's not your fault DTB left.

My retirement had nothing to do with you. You were a great friend, ya always commented and kept things alive.

3999562 and then snowdrop wasn't on today I'm sad I miss her

3999566 I know ill miss you I just hope my emotion don't get out of control like before

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