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    [see video(es) below for clarification]

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On Memorial Day Weekend · 6:13pm May 29th, 2016

Hello, there everyone; it's me, Fireflower with another new announcement: for those who had been staying with me, I had been going on hiatus infrequently due to fighting battles at college, and by fighting, I mean struggling to keep my head above the water since the start of the new year. So far it has been uplifting for me since I've made two new one-shot stories: A Second of Sanity and Ad Nauseam, both of which you can find on my profile as of this moment in time; of course, there's still matter of some unfinished business concerning War Orphans' Wishes which I will attend to momentarily. Now saying it, I have been able to pace myself and get focused; anyways, this post should serve as a update to tell you what I am behind on and how far I've came: since that I'm here and a month short of an anniversary, let's begin.

First, my first multiple chapter collaboration, Parasite Adam, has been finally finished after over a year's worth of writing that should have been done in over half the amount of time spent on our dearest hero(in)es. During that framework in question, I had published adaptation of a clop comics I'd found over the internet back in the month during the initial stages; of course, you have already known the details anyway. Back on target, the story thereof still up there in its fully completed and updated form as of now but be on the lookout: there's a possibility that I'll do a rewrite for that story in due time to make up for the damage; in addition, I'll probably post some sort of a sequel in little over a month.

Next on the list is what the future will bring in my announcement: as said before in my previous paragraph of typing, I'm still working on the other multiple chapter sequel as of this moment, this time by myself; as such, this implicitly implies that I'm going to keep writing soon. In any case, starting July, I'll go write up yet another adaptation of a clop comic that I hope you'll be able to enjoy even as the days start to get hotter and heavier than before: another throwback to the fun and happy times of the past in contrast the certain stories that have made it onto my roster. In addition, I'd like start posting a sequel to War Orphans' Wishes in December as soon I finish what I get done in writing; the summary for the successor will focus on Applejack and her friends adapting after the war following their strife.

Lastly, I'd also like to bring to attention of a new story that's coming out in early June; I ain't going to spoil much but I will give you some hints as to what will it be all about: it's a one-shot partly inspired by the Dragonball universe. The reason being is that it was originally going to be released on March 14th, but I'd underestimated how much work would be put into it so it was pushed back to be released on April 20th; of course, that too had fallen through. Nevertheless, the one-shot story, like the previous ones before in 2015, will use a minimalistic cast of at least less than several people and I believe that you will be familiar as to who will appear; like I had said before, I won't give any spoilers so just you all wait.

Have a happy Memorial Day; I do hope that we get to meet again soon: this is Fireflower signing off for now.

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