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An Issue with Saddle Row and Rec · 11:26pm May 21st, 2016

So, I was pretty disappointed with today's episode. It was kinda boring, but I had a big problem with the premise.

Okay, so the girls don't want Rarity to see the paper, right? But they obviously didn't read the paper themselves, or they would've known that the article ended on a good note. Okay, so maybe they didn't read the article but were worried about what light the reporter would shine on the store. If that's the case, though, why'd they say the things they did in the first place? The reporter was obviously taking notes during the interviews (you could hear scribbling, especially during Rainbow's comments). No one forced them to say how bad things were or how stupid they were being (Applejack's the exception, given her Element), so they really shouldn't have said anything they were worried about Rarity knowing. Overall, it was a poor premise that really shouldn't have happened.

Also, Coco, darling, you've gotta cover your mouth when you sneeze. Rarity should consider herself lucky she didn't get sick herself.

Also also, raccoons shouldn't ever be handling food, Fluttershy! Ever!

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Okay, I didn't realized that until now.

3962095 I know, right? It didn't hit me until a few hours after the episode.

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