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A Blerd from Brooklyn that enjoys creating content (https://linktr.ee/im_TyRex) and writing stories. Nice to meet you 👋🏾

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It's Decided! · 8:08am May 18th, 2016

After some heavy solo contemplation and discussions with some friends who like to read my work, I've decided I will do a full rewrite of The Third Duel for these reasons:
1) The way it is currently written is much less skilled than the writing habits I have now developed;
2) I want to write it as a proper M-Rated story, so that I can pass the effect of a loss of innocence in a much darker, meaningful way;
3) The story has gone off on a rather unintelligible tangent that I can't seem to recover from unless I start from the roots;
4) I just... I really f***ing love that story man... Like, I was so excited just at the thought of rewriting some of my favorite scenes that were all birthed from a simple dream. In other words, it'll be exciting to redo, with more skill, effort, and prowess than I was originally capable of.

So there you have it. Few days from now, or sooner, the first chapter of TTD's rewrite will be uploaded. Unfortunately, this means that TTD will take priority over other stories (though, not to worry, I am planning to wrap up A Hero's Not Fit For Love quite soon, and it's final chapter(s) are in the works as you read this), so do keep that in mind for my next 3-5 uploads.

As you read this, the original story has likely been taken down already, and its contents are safely within my personal files and photos. Oh great Celestia, it will be missed... :fluttercry:

But not to worry, I will bring it back, better than ever! It will be the very epicness and awesomesauceness that I dreamed about the very fateful day I had the dream of Trixie challenging Twilight to another (less) magical duel. :rainbowdetermined2: :pinkiehappy: :yay:
Oh, I'm ranting...

Anyway, Mega T22 out, have a wonderful day! ^-^

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P.S: God, it hurt my heart when I just deleted TTD off of this system's servers.
*sniff sniff* Don't worry, I will redeem you!

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