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    These are both stories I have been intricately in love with since around 2015, and they have a rather convoluted life.

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Clout vs. PROJECT: Flood Control · 9:42am Jul 16th, 2020

These are both stories I have been intricately in love with since around 2015, and they have a rather convoluted life.

Clout, began as The Thug Life Chose Me, aka, TTLCM (a previous [uncompleted] version of the story, Clout is a rewrite of that with my current writing / organizational skills). TTLCM (and, subsequently, Clout) was heavily influenced from a personal work that I am still writing to this day in hopes of actually making a manga, anime, or just a simple book out of someday, called "Drug Lord" (which was originally called "Organization X").

I had begun "Organization X" in 2012, when I was in 7th grade, but didn't start taking the plot / character development, and chronological story-writing into serious consideration until about 2015, when I gave it a huge overhaul, and subsequently renamed it to "Drug Lord".

PROJECT: Flood Control, or, more importantly, the Friendship is Manipulation series that I am currently writing (wherein, PROJECT: Flood Control is the first and still uncompleted book), was actually birthed from a story called "Pinkamena Diana Pie" that I never published, and that story itself was a heavily revised version of my first ever MLP fanfiction, "The Third Duel", which can actually still be read here, though I warn you, the writing is so inexperienced and cringe.

Sidenote: you'll notice that "The Third Duel" was meant to be my first installment of a series called "Troubles of Equestria", but I absolutely hated the universe I was building in my head, so I dropped it to rebuild it, and that has subsequently become the "Friendship is Manipulation" series.

Friendship is Manipulation, and subsequently, its previous lives ("Pinkamena Diane Pie", "The Bad Gets Worse", "The Third Duel") also drew great inspiration from Organization X and Drug Lord (though, of course, without the grimy urban themes, it's hard to tell it received inspiration from any work similar to that of Clout), and was something that I had also began taking seriously sometime in late 2015 / early 2016.

Now, I know a lot of this information is unknown / confusing to 99% of the people who may read this, as I highly doubt I have even one viewer who has seen all the stories I have published and subsequently deleted to revise, BUT, the reason I made this blog is to ask this:

My two most successful stories right now (by MY terms of success, not purely by stats), Clout and PROJECT: Flood Control are both extremely inspired by elements of my personal Drug Lord work. So, then, why is it that Clout seems to be doing so well statistically, but PROJECT: Flood Control is struggling to keep up, despite me putting more of my soul and power into that story (which only makes sense, as Clout only has one or two sequels planned versus the entire series that will be FiManipulation)?

If anybody reading this has read both Clout and PROJECT: Flood Control to this point, could you please answer these questions, and afterwards also please add your own afterthoughts / general comments so I can understand some things better about the audience on this site:

1) Have you read the previous version of Clout (The Thug Life Chose Me)?

2) Have you read any previous version of the FiManipulation series ("Pinkamena Diane Pie", "PDP#117", "The Bad Gets Worse", "The Third Duel")?

3) Which do you like better? Clout, or PROJECT: Flood Control, and why? You don't have to be incredibly specific if you don't want, but the more detail, the better!

I'm probably wasting my time considering I have about 0 following on this site, but maybe one day in the future when I get a little bigger, I can link this blog in a future blog for some awesome discussion!

Toodles ^-~

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