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A nerd from Brooklyn that enjoys creating content (https://linktr.ee/im_TyRex) and writing stories. Nice to meet you 👋🏾

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    Updates Soon

    I've been gone for a long, LONG time (life got rough, and I also started focusing more on my content creation, link tree to all my medias in my bio!), BUT, I've got a new PROJECT: Flood Control and Clout chapter in progress! I'm bad with keeping my promises on dates for chapters, as this is only a small hobby / pasttime for me, but I will say that P:FC has a dual-chapter coming, and is about 90%

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    These are both stories I have been intricately in love with since around 2015, and they have a rather convoluted life.

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    Updated the FiM: PROJECT: Flood Control "Field Experience" Chapter

    I made some crucial updates to the "Field Experience" chapter in my "Friendship Is Manipulation: {PROJECT: Flood Control}" story. They were mainly some additions for plot, pace fixes, and ironing out grammatical awkwardness. If you care, it makes for a much better read about halfway through after the initial encounter, now. G'day ^-~

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    PROJECT: Flood Control Updates Tomorrow at 5PM (West Coast)!

    I just updated my other story, "Clout", so tomorrow, I will be updating the already prepared chapter of PROJECT: Flood Control, as well, which should've been done ages ago, but I've revised and revised it many times.

    Despite the wait, I'm proud of how both stories are now coming along! See you tomorrow for Flood Control! ^-^

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    Lil late on that Clout Update

    Only the 2nd chapter out, and already breaking my 2-4 week quota, smh :ajbemused: Oh well, just figured I should let y'all know it'll be out within the next 5 days or so, I just had to take care of a whole lot of other shit related to COVID fucking up my financial opportunities -- but sometimes, it really do be like that.

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Weekly Teaser #13 · 8:31pm May 16th, 2016

Hey guys! Important news: The Third Duel will MOST CERTAINLY be my next update, and then A Hero's Not Fit For Love soon after. Things are calming down for me a bit now that my AP exams are over; guess what that means? MORE TIME FOR WRITING ~ :pinkiehappy: So yeah, I've been putting in extensive work to a battle for AHNFFL and some interesting plot/lore points for TTD. Anyways, this is all to say that I'm back in business with a regular upload schedule. Mega T22 out, enjoy the teaser C: This one's short because I'm working feverishly on an exciting new update to TTD.
PS: Squiggly brackets plus a quote and underline are lyrics inspiring the teaser, just so ya know. Oh, and the lyrics are in no particular order, and are not necessarily part of the same song.

The Third Duel: The Darkness Within


{"How'd I wind up here again...? It's like I'm always getting blood on my hands..."}

Pinkie Pie sat on her knees, in a room full of blood. Blood was splattered against the walls and floor, and she held a bloodied knife. "Oh god... What have I done...?!" Pinkie sobbed quietly. She was too scared to move... She feared the red substances upon and around her would sink further into her gaping deep guilty-conscience. "How...? I don't even remember..." she sobbed, as she felt a hand upon her shoulder. "They were not your friends; they deserved to die..."

{"I won't ease your pain... I won't ease your strain... I'll seek you out, flay you alive..."}

Pinkie Pie ran frantically from whatever might've been chasing her. She had slashes all over her body, like a victim straight out of a horror movie; except for her, this was all too real... In an instant, out of the darkness in front of her, came a knife. She caught it clumsily by the hilt, and in an instant, the image jumped out and slashed at her lustily.

{"I'm stabbing myself with a fucking knife in the gut! . . . And I like getting cut, I get excited at the sight of my blood, you're in a fight with a nut!"}

Pinkie slashed upwards, throwing the image off-guard, as she slashed at its chest. It created a cut, but the image was undeterred, and its smile only grew more crazily. She then slashed at Pinkie Pie with great celerity and bloodlust, as Pinkie could only hopelessly defend. Finally, Pinkie slipped, falling onto her back, as the image lunged towards her neck with the knife...

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