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Tell me, what do you live for? Is it for work? For study? Or is it for the important things? Pleasure, art, friends, family, love? Do you live to work? Or do you work to live?

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Imagine, if you will. · 8:26pm Apr 30th, 2016

That in Equestria, MLP is just a show to the ponies as well.

I find it funny to imagine that the actresses for each character are vastly different from the ones they portay.

Like, Flittershy's actress would be the super diva demandipants of the bunch. Rarity's actress is actually a southerner, grew up on a dairy farm. Rainbow's actress is immensely humble and super nice to everyone. AJ's actress is a city slicker who has problems with the make-up designed to make her look and feel dirty and sweaty all the time. Pinkie's actress is a heavy metal artist and singer.

Twilight's actress is pretty much just like Twilight, except she doesn't like the show very much. In fact she's immensely critical of a lot of the decisions of the writers. "Can you believe the lines they give me? She's supposed to be the smart one and she sounds slower than a bag of rocks."

"At leastcha gettin' paid, raight?" Rarity's actress would respond.

"Yeah yeah, but seriously, having this horn glued to my head all day gets annoying as Tartarus. At least they made her a princess so I could let my wings out from under that tight vest."

"They could have an episode where your horn gets broken off. Just imagine, Princess Twilight, the princess of magic, bleeding and permanently magically disabled." Pinkie's actress remarks.

"This is a kids show. That's not gonna happen."

"Kids show?" Fluttershy's actress mocked. "As if. I got to swear in one of the episodes a while back. If you think that kind of language is fit for children, honey, you are seriously mistaken."

"At least the fans love you the most. Those pictures from the fashion episode sold like hotcakes," AJ's actress spoke into a mirror as she removed her fake freckles.

"Loved. Past tense, dear. That was before Fluttershy's endearing shyness became crippling social inneptitude," Flutterhy's actress bitterly spat. "Every stallion from here to Detrot is drooling over Starlight, now, because who doesn't love a bad mare, right? Tartarus, even I think she's hot because of it."

"Well, I'm going out for drinks. Any of you girls wanna join me?" Twilight's actress asked halfway out the door.

"You know I don't drink," Rainbow's actress replied with a smirk.

"That's right, you're a Maremon aren't you? How many stallions you gonna marry?" Pinkie's actress poked.

"Hardy har har," Rainbow's actress rolled her eyes and chuckled.

AJ's actress stepped away from the mirror "I'll join ya. I need a few cold ones."

"Awesome. Anypony else?"

"Why not?" Pinkie's actress shrugged. "It's on the way to my recording session anyway. I can't have too much, though. Gotta keep my voice clean."

"How do y'all sing that stuff for hours on end, anyway? Don'tcha throat get raw after a while?" Rarity's actress asked.

"Yeah, that's why we spread out my recording schedule. I need to rest it every time in between."

"Alright. See you all tomorrow!" Twilight's actress waved as she walked away.



The door shut behind them as they left.


I can imagine that the real Princess Luna wouldn't be too pleased with the show's symbolic portrayal of her impeachment. The real Celestia however is quite fond of her portrayal.

I think that would be kind of funny.

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Comments ( 3 )

There's actually a fanfic about this somewhere that I read...

Aww.. And here I was thinking I was bein' all original and stuff. :P

The first one was Twilight on a talk show being asked about playing, well, Twilight. I forgot the actresses name in that fic, and the name of the fic itself unfortunately. It was alright.

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