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Tell me, what do you live for? Is it for work? For study? Or is it for the important things? Pleasure, art, friends, family, love? Do you live to work? Or do you work to live?

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Recovery · 8:37pm Mar 9th, 2018

So, after last week's blog post, I figured I should update you all on what's happening in my life and with the story. More below!

I've gone to a doctor. I'm getting new meds. I've relaxed a bit. I've written a bit.

I guess I'll update y'all on the story first and then talk about my relaxation.


White Lie

So, when it comes to a new White Lie chapter, I've already written a paltry 600 words-ish. (That is after 2-3 rewrites). However, this chapter will probably be a little bit longer because it covers a build up to AND an action sequence with a bit of a cliffhanger. It might be something around 2,000 words by the time I'm done, so a decent chapter length to make up for the long time without updates.

Fun fact: Up until this chapter, I had totally forgotten to mention that Stately Writ is a unicorn pony. I thought I had mentioned it at some point in an earlier chapter, but it turns out it wasn't relevant information until now.

I've also got future plans for plenty of future chapters, including some romantic drama between State and Angel, so stay tuned for that!

But yeah, that's a short update on the White Lie chapter that I'm working on.


When it comes to my relaxation, I had a good time just... doing nothing for a bit. Well, not necessarily nothing, but things that I don't have to put too much effort into.

Part of my relaxation included immersing myself in anime/manga fictional worlds. Some fun, like Konosuba (bahahahahaha), Overlord (well that's an interesting take!), and Dragon Maid (lol, awwwwww, lol), and some feelsies like Ancient Magus' Bride (mmmm, delicious fantasy romance), Anohana (*sobbing* MENMAAAAAHAHAAA!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!), and Made in Abyss (oh hey, my heart just died... huh... wasn't expecting that).

I HIGHLY recommend every single one of these, by the way.

But eventually, I found one that fell into both categories.


I watched all of the anime, but the anime stopped at season 2, so I went and read all of the manga, and I MUST say... holy DANG are there a bazillion feels.

Like, it starts off as a hilarious harem comedy, but it slowly stops being a harem comedy and starts being an absolutely genius romantic drama. It reached a point where every time a character cried, I cried (which is hard for a story to make me do). I even sometimes started crying when characters weren't just because some of the moments were so... ugh! So feels!

My heart! Holy frick!

I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that while it starts off feeling like a harem anime, it definitely doesn't end like one. First of all, there is an actual plot to the story, one that is so deeply woven into the multidimensional characters that the author definitely had everything super planned from the very beginning of the series. And the while the characters do actually fit the standard harem tropes, they are given realistic and complex backstories that actually justify why those characters act the way they do.

By the time you reach the end of the series, every single character is a precious cinnamon roll that must be protected. Despite their flaws, you come to understand them and feel for them and you don't want any of them to be hurt, even though you know that, in the end, all of them will be. I went in expecting laughs and got them. What I didn't expect, though, was to feel like these characters were real people that I would care about from the bottom of my heart.

Now that it's over, and every arc in it has been neatly and wonderfully tied up in a glorious happy ending bow, I'm left with just an immense feeling of melancholy, the kind that will give me the nostalgias later on. Needless to say, this one goes in my #1 romance of all time slot. I'll probably come back to it and re-read it again later to see what I can catch that I totally missed before, and of course to be led on an intense feels trip once again because of course I'm a masochist.

Anyway, if you want awesome fun times and intense feels I highly recommend you watch the Nisekoi anime (2 seasons) AND read the complete manga (25 volumes) because the anime only reaches like... volume 10, even with it skipping good bits here and there.


So! That's my update! I hope that with the extra energy that I've gained, and the new stories swirling around in my head, I'll be able to continue where I left off and give you guys the story that you've been waiting for.

That's all for now!

Thanks for the company!

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If I didn't already have a big anime backlog.

Currently juggling Hayate no Gotoku, Cardcaptor Sakura (the original), Food Wars S3, Classicaloid S2, K-On! and Space Battleship Yamato 2199.


Oh shit. :twilightoops: Quick, everyone get to your local shipping-war bunker! I don't care if the war technically ended over a year ago, tensions are still high and all it would take is a single spark on either party's behalf for the whole site to go up in flames! This is not a drill people! I repeat, this is not a drill! :flutterrage:

I actually somehow managed to stay pretty objective about best girl.

Shu was right about figuring out who you actually love. It should be your best friend, not the one you have the strongest crush on. I wasn't rooting for anyone in particular, but from like the second volume I knew exactly who was going to win regardless of the events that would follow, specifically for the reasons that Shu outlined.

In the end, the only ship I shipped was my OTP (Shu and Ruri). It's funny because I shipped them since like... the second time they interacted with each other. They were both the most perceptive characters and both enjoyed manipulating the circumstances with their knowledge. And they annoyed each other like siblings. They're perfect!

Another recommendation then:
Today's Menu for the Emiya Family - Perfect OP, beautiful food, real recipes and cooking instructions, and of course Moe Saber and Moe Illya.

I'm glad things are getting better. Looking forward to a new chapter.


I generally dislike Harem-like animes (Tenchi is such a putz), but Haganai really hit me in the feels. A motley bunch of asocial ne'erdowells and misfits trying to engage in social interaction. Many people think it's hilarious. I see it as a postmodern Greek Tragedy.


Though the anime ended on a low note, while the light novels continued. One of the girls finally breaks the equilibrium they all have and admits she likes the protagonist. He's freaked out and stops coming to their club meetings, causing heartbreak all around. One of the other girls is really pissed off and gives him a verbal (and physical) smackdown. You really feel bad for all of them, but you also feel a bit angry at Sena for actually saying how she felt and wrecking what they all had. You feel like you should be angry at Kodaka like Rika says, but then you ask yourself if you would do any different given the sudden awkwardness of one of them saying what everyone knows.

Not quite Welcome to the NHK-tier social commentary, but hits close to home for all of us misanthropes and sociopaths and aspies and the like.


It's good to hear you are getting things sorted out, and this right here is a perfect example of why getting professional help is such a good idea. We can talk and give suggestions, but not even your family and closest friends will be able to help you the way a real expert can.

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