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  • Today
    I think I'm going to write the rest of the evening.

    Worst boss fight of Shadow of the Erdtree so far.

    This cheap piece of shit is bad boss design. Period.

    Anyone saying otherwise must really love the feeling of their tonsils massaging Fromsoft's scrotum.

    Modders, hope you're updating your content with haste.

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  • Thursday
    PC gaming is freaking awesome.

    Not sure if I've ever said that before.

    So, I'd say about 98% of my time in Elden Ring has been legit. No mods, nothing. Then around hour 275 I grabbed the Lifesteal Hand of Malenia and started speedrunning with it on NG+8.

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  • Sunday
    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day to all fathers, biological and otherwise!

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  • 1 week
    Tell Your Tale: A Swing and a Misty

    My inner shipper is squealing.

    If you've wanted Alphabittle, Haven, and their respective kids to become a new family unit, this episode is for you.

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  • 2 weeks
    Did anyone actually ask for this?

    So apparently Playtonic is remastering Yooka-Laylee.

    Who asked for this? Who thought this was a good idea?

    A few things, Playtonic:

    1. This game is only seven years old.

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#DailyHalo 3 · 1:14pm Mar 3rd, 2016

In my experience, nothing melts through a Warzone core faster than a fuel rod cannon. Doubly so for the faster-firing Light of Urs variant.

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Light of urs is just op against them. Usually destroy it in one go if I get inside.

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