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Attention, everyone. · 2:45am Feb 23rd, 2016

It has come to my attention that my presence on here is at an all time low. Not that I want everyone to just go mad on my blogs and stories, but I would like to have some more interest.

I feel I have lost my connection with nearly everyone of you. And that is not a good thought.

I have a few ideas that I'm working on, but they are long stories. I'm working on way too many long stories. Short stories are nice too. That's what I need more of nowadays.

Would you guys help me get positive again?

How about starting with some short story ideas? That way my writing productivity doesn't freeze up for long periods of time. I would of course spend the time doing that but with me in Spring semester of college, thinking up ideas is really the last thing I can do at this point.

Also, you may state what you may want me to write more of.

My point in short was that I did not create this account to turn as frosty as Antarctica and I need you guys to help me unfreeze this crisis I'm dealing with here.

Any short fic idea would be much appreciated. Also please keep it SFW, I already have a lot of NSFW ideas.^^

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Twilight or Fluttershy is introduced to a vegetarian Penanngalan who's moved to Ponyville?


3771991 What race is this one a part of? Sorry, college has really kept me out of wack with your world-building. :twilightsheepish:

3772004 A unique type of undead, the name Penanggalan translates literally as "head with dancing entrails", and little more physical description should be necessary, as the traditional Penanggalan consists solely of mare's head and digestive tract, floating through the air like some bloody, dripping jellyfish. Though capable of preying on any living being, the Penanggalan is particularly attracted to the blood of infants...even those still nestled in their mother's womb.

During the day, the Penanggalan appears as a normal, living pony. Each night, she exits her body and hides the headless shell in a trunk, closet or cave.

Curiously enough, there are several variations of this particular undead. The Kephn is the male equivalent, the disembodied head and stomach of a wizard who drinks the magic of the living, and the Phii Krasue is a crawling, long-tongued Penanggalan who feeds on blood, intestines, and excrement straight from the rear end of her victims. It is interesting to note that the Krasue is considered a laughable, bottom-feeding (pun not intended) weakling of a monster. Its name can be thrown as an insult akin to "vermin" or "parasite".

Despite the fact that they still possess heads, Penanggalan seem boneless and can enter a home through the tiniest crack in the woodwork. For obvious reasons, they fear only brambles and other prickly entanglements.

3772009 Okay, a bit creepy and interesting. I like that. That's also an idea I could work with. Thanks!^^

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