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All aboard Snailiner · 6:05am Feb 20th, 2016

Still working, still writing. Nothing finished but I have another preview.

The Spring Carnival was in full bloom, here at Canterlot High. With the repairs of the school finalized after the events of the Friendship Games, students were coming back for their new year at CHS.

What more, Sunset Shimmer and her friends are back for their year. This was going to be a special year, with a special adventure. For once...

Okay, mom, dad, I know you two are excited, but this narration is soooo boring. Can't we introduce our new friends to the viewers?

Patience, Brook. But in good time.

There is Fluttershy, doing what she does every Wednesday, standing in front of the statue canvassing for the animal shelter. This time, her popularity was making it easier, and she's handing out more fliers than ever before.

Over there, we have Rainbow Dash and Applejack, two highly competitive friends. They're fencing with the swords that were laid out for the Spring Carnival, which was also a medieval fair.

And there we have...!

"Hello!" Exclaimed Pinkie Pie, startling Sunset and Twilight, waving at the sky. "Wow, I didn't realize we'd get Narrators today!"

"Um, Pinkie, darling, whoever are you talking to?" asked Rarity, looking around.

"The narrators, DUH. They must be here for a really special reason!" Exclaimed Pinkie. "You guys want a cupcake?"

Not right now, Pinkie dear. Go on and attend to your friends; they'll be wondering what's going on.

"Okie dokie lokie!"

Now then, as for Meganfic.

And Re:Res.

And whatever else I'm working on.

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