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What's with me and anime's with girl main leads? (And a teaser) · 3:08pm Jan 16th, 2016

Recently, I had my buddy over so I can copy some movies and anime's from me. He showed me Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (Or not to be mouthful, It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular!). It's basically an anime with an unpopular girl, and bla bla bla haven't seen it but I'll be watching it. I'm kinda excited to watch it.

Weird, how I instantly liked the anime even if I haven't seen it. I guess it adds another one to my waifu list?

Also you guys want a teaser right? Okay.

CANTERLOT, AMERICA - A local boutique is in ruins after a massive fire overnight Tuesday.

Canterlot's volunteer fire crews were called to the Carousel Boutique just after midnight. When they arrived heavy smoke was pouring out from the eaves, but soon the entire main bar building was being devoured by flames. The effort to save the structure was hampered by an inability to get inside and mount an offensive against the flames. All the doors were locked, and fire crews eventually had to cut a hole in garage doors to make an entry.

Reports say there was an estimated 500 gallons of grain alcohol inside the building.

Three were found injured inside, including the owner and her boyfriend. Oddly enough, they sustained cuts and bruises. At this very moment, they are being rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

Witnesses tell that they saw a man wearing sunglasses drop down from a window and disappearing to the darkness of the alleys. Police are still investigating on this case.

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Comments ( 1 )

You do know that anime is called WataMote for short right?

Also, Shard, you might wanna get ready for this, seems like he's already on a rampage


Jesus Shard what the fuck? Why are you censoring yourself?

Shard: I DONT KNOW!!!

Also, this could actually make for a pretty intense battle between Treble Mixs inner demon and Shards Curse, if you're interested

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