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  • 243 weeks
    I hate chinchou in moon

    I just wasted about a half hour trying to get chinchou. Several magikarp, 4 perals, 7 big pearls, two heart scales, and two or three wishiwashi later, I finally got a chinchou. You know what I did? I said "screw you, I'm not going through this again," and I chucked the Master Ball i won from the lottery at it.

    Twenty percent chance my arse.

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  • 246 weeks
    It's been too long

    So, got a new phone and a reliable internet connexion. Still haven't caught up with season 6 yet, so please, bear with me.

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  • 296 weeks
    I Caught An Exeggucute

    And nick named it NotWorthName. Because it's not.


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  • 298 weeks
    I Quit.

    This is just too much.

    Yes, that is an anthro Trubbish. If you don't know what Trubbish is, it is a Pokémon from Gen V. It's known as the “Trash Bag Pokémon”, because it is literally animated garbage. Its Pokédex entry from Pokémon X says:

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  • 298 weeks
    I feel terrible…

    I accidentally one-shot an Eevee.

    I hate myself right now. :facehoof:

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Why Is It… · 9:50pm Dec 31st, 2015

That every time I go fishing, literally the only thing I've caught is a Celestia-forsaken LUVDISC!?

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Becuase life is cruel:fluttershysad:

Excuse my ignorance, but ... a what?:applejackconfused:

Comment posted by Random Order deleted Dec 31st, 2015

3654544 :rainbowlaugh:Okay.:rainbowlaugh:

I thought that you might have meant an actual species of fish at first.

Silly me.

3654604 's okay. I'm just tired of catching these weak dumbarses. They don't even evolve!

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