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Fuck. Known one day as 'Mistress Spectrum'.

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Last One for this Road (Happy New Year!) · 4:58pm Dec 31st, 2015

Wowie! This year was 'THE' year! Some shit happened, I may admit, but this year many good things happened to me in real life and also in this amazing Fandom and show! Season 5 was worth the wait! Firstly, I wish everyone will have a amazing day today and I wish that everyone's 2016 be as amazing as 2015 was! If things are bad right now for you, don't worry, they will get good, sooner or later ♥ Thank all so much for being here with me this year. Thanks to all my followers and friends, thanks for all the favorites and all the upvotes, thanks for all the comments and thanks this Fandom for being amazing as always! :heart: But, as always, I need to say I made the most fantastic friendships this year and I wish I could go personally to those people and give them a hug and wish them a 'Happy New Year', but as I can't... I just wanna say a big THANK YOU for being my friends, editing and maybe only talking shit with me or maybe about gay space rocks :heart: Onwards to 2016, guys! I plan on being more productive here, if life alows me :twilightblush: Anyways...

Love you all! :heart::raritystarry:

*Already doing this because I'll probably be gone for some hours :p

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Comments ( 13 )

Happy New Year to you as well :heart:
See you in 2016 :raritywink:

Happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

maybe only talking shit with me or maybe about gay space rocks

I wouldn't want it any other way :heart:

3654100 Heh, that was for you and Hat. Love ya' a lot fag, wish you the best :heart: May we talk even more about random stuff in 2016 :rainbowkiss:

*Looks at new calendar symbolising the new year*

Welp, here we go again!

3661127 And tomorrow's already the time for gay space rocks! BEST YEAR START EVER :heart:

3661161 This must be universal repentance for 2014's end with the finale TLoK.

And speaking of gifts, it's your birthday on the 10th.

I have no idea what to do. :twilightsheepish:

3661166 Your friendship is already a gift, don't worry :twilightsmile: (omg this is so gay :derpytongue2:)

3661179 Your words flatter me as ever, but I'll feel like a dick if I don't have something.

3661182 Okay... Eh... I dunno, if you don't want to do even just a tiny bit story (not to post, but to post on one of your blogs maybe, 'cause you could do a tiny one with less than 1000 words) there's no problem, really man! :twilightblush:

3661190 Actually, yes. There is something I can do. And I hope you like it.

3661194 Shit, now I'm curious.

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