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  • 38 weeks
    Sun is still a hoe

    And gay af. But she's my gay af hoe. She posted her last blog but big bet she'll come after this blog. Anyways ive been looking through my blogs and damn I was unique kid. LOL uhum i dont really have anything to say im pretty sure most of my friends on here are doing their own things now. Ahem if you guys want to still contact me tho my discord is


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  • 124 weeks

    I just found Undertale's soundtrack on spotify. . . WHAT IS MY LAIFU

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  • 131 weeks
    When you have that one friend who is fake af

    -Claims other art (when we find a face reveal he calls it a catfishpic)
    -Lies so often.
    -pretends about something he's not.
    -Makes sure you know he has a life better than yours.

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  • 131 weeks
    Friend made a speedpaint

    Idk I really enjoyed it so if you wanna watch it and support here.

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  • 134 weeks
    Im going through all my old blogs

    I realize

    1.) Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days
    2.) Sometimes I wish they never happened
    3.) I was pure cringe
    4.) I never posted a blog on my birthday. >:( I LOW-KEY TRY TO GUYS

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Please Help Wubcake! · 10:52pm Dec 22nd, 2015

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