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    Cowgirl VK

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    In short, I'm down with the flu.

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Thankful Week: D1, Waterjewl · 11:29pm Nov 23rd, 2015

"Sister, sister! It's an emergancy! Grandpa needs you! It's an emergancy!" I glance down at my younger sister who had attatched herself to my right arm and was bouncing up and down on the floor. Her eyes, while pleading, were not in panic mode.

"Grandpa needs me huh?" I ask calmly. The only way to deal with a drama queen.

"Yes V! Now!" With that she turned and headed back to the adult sunday school room.

Shaking my head I deposited the stack of chip bowls in the kitchen and turned to follow her.

I finally reached the room a bit later. As far as I could see, everything was as it should be, "Grandpa? What do you need? Tadpole over there said you needed me and it was an emergancy."

My grandfather glanced over at my now very calm little sister who was very carefully washing chairs, "Oh? Well, I'm just unable to open that trash bag and asked her to go find someone to help."

I glanced at her, then to my grandfather, then finally shook my head as I efficently got that leaf bag to open. It wasn't that hard when you knew how.


It is no secret I love my sister. Every moment of every day is a non-stop adventure. She, being six, does tend to side on the side of drama. I can't help but laugh at her antics, even though I know I shouldn't. For it only encourages the.... shenanagans.

I was 12 when my little sister was born. From day one, we were unsepritable. I can remember many nights when she wouldn't sleep the two of us mucking about the house for hours. Painting, drawing, making music, or playing with my vast collection of horses.

I keep saying she is payback for every misdead, or heartache I ever gave my mom. At the same time, I couldn't be prouder of my younger sis. She is imaginative, light hearted, and smart. Even if she does make mountains out of mole hills.

That is why today, I'm thankful for my baby sister.

Cowgirl Out.

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